the tijerina family

From the moment that I saw Gianna and Ryan sprint to each other on their wedding day, I’ve known.  These two.  They will find the other’s hand and walk through whatever life brings together.

Life has brought them 3 beautiful girls.  Three little girls who are growing up to know that they are treasures.  Three little girls who know how to serve and love with their whole hearts and how much THEY matter.

Ryan and Gianna, I LOVE YOU.  I know…it’s obvious, but it’s true.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the backstage pass you have given me to your story and lives.  I look back through these moments and I find myself speechless over the grace that capturing your story has been to my life.  Thank you.  Thank you for loving your girls with your whole hearts.  For pouring into them, your community, each other and the world to let people know just what a gift they are.

And little ladies – you are fierce.  Hilarious.  Joy-filled.  And I consider it an honor to watch you grow.

Also, I am BEYOND excited to tell you about Gianna’s amazing styling abilities. She is a stylist for Mac and Mia and the outfits she puts together? BEYOND PRECIOUS. I know one of the biggest challenges for most of my families is WHAT ON EARTH DO I WEAR?!? That’s where Gianna comes in. Simply go to here:
and you’ll be ready to have Gianna as your stylist and watch as all the hard work of choosing outfits goes away and the perfect combination arrives at your doorstep! (Basically my idea of HEAVEN. I hate shopping…). Granted, this also works for back to school outfits, Christmas gifts and just a little needed style refresh. But the idea of taking stress away from family pictures is something I can ALWAYS get behind. I want to document your love and if there are any ways to help eliminate stress or anxiety along the way? COUNT ME IN.
Head over to her profile (@mrstij on IG) and click on her link in profile to get started!



To see more from our time together CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

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