gianna and ryan: the wedding

“Can I run to him?”

I held back my tears and whispered, “Yes.  Absolutely…”

I watched and pressed my shutter button as this BEAUTIFUL lady sprinted to her future husband – and he ran to her.

They held each other close and took in the moment.  This moment.  That they had waited their whole lives for.  They exchanged kisses and sweet words and I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was to see these two starting their lives together as husband and wife.
Gianna and Ryan…you’re basically family now.  And I hope you’re okay with that.  Getting to know the two of you over the past year has been one of the greatest gifts in the world.  Seeing your love, your kindness and your excitement for life has pushed me personally to make sure I’m giving my all to the most important things.  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the two of you.  Individually.  And as a couple.  Your hearts are beautiful.  I was continually in awe of your kindness, your humility and your overwhelming love and excitement throughout your wedding day.  Bottom line: we love you two.  So.very.much.


To start out, I have to show you the bouquets.  The HAND-MADE bouquets.  Normally I wouldn’t lead with a detail.  But this detail?  It’s so them.  So honest.  So intricate.  So beautiful.  So we’ll start here.  And the lady who made these?  So sweet.  And she should have a website coming in the next few months and you bet I’ll be sharing her information.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Kind of like Gianna and Ryan…

I joined Gianna over at their new home and couldn’t help but notice her adorable factor.  Yet AGAIN.

The beautiful bride herself.



Before we knew it, it was time for Gianna to get into her wedding gown.  PS: Gianna, you’re gorgeous.

So.very.her.  (reason 2,194 why I love her)

Then it was time for a reveal to the rest of her bridesmaids.  Tears and hugs kept coming.

My amazing husband (and handsome second shooter) joined Ryan and the groomsmen while they were getting ready.

Then it was time for their first look.  (By the way – I love first looks.  Times infinity.  And it has NOTHING to do with getting pictures done before the wedding.  It has EVERYTHING to do with knowing that my bride really WILL see her husband’s face when he first sees her.  And the fact that they can embrace or talk or kiss in that moment – they are supposed to stay quiet and move straight into the ceremony.  These moments are my FAVORITE.  Times infinity.  There’s just something about this moment.  And the time to pause and take it all in – together.)

With all that said, we wanted their first look to be everything they ever dreamed.  (Our standard for all of our couples)  Though Ryan and Gianna were getting married at Klein Creek Golf Course, I just didn’t feel like the location fit “them” and the theme of their wedding as far as the first look went.  So I suggested that we look into some of the local forest preserves and set up our on aisle of sorts.  Since Kline Creek Farm was nearby and fit all that I’d heard about their wedding, we decided to do it there.  We scouted out a little nook away from everything and got everyone in place.  Since the walk up to where we had Ryan would be exposed (and I’m not a fan of the sneak up and tap the groom on the shoulder – I prefer that my couples truly have the “aisle” moment) her bridesmaids formed a tight circle around her and walked her all the way up to the path and then peeled away to reveal Gianna.

Gianna saw Ryan and took off running, as did Ryan.  Cue my tears.  Gosh, I love them.

Ry and G, y’all brought it.

The handsome groomsmen…

Love these ladies…

The amazing bridal party…

On to the ceremony…


Daddy daughter moments are some of my favorite.

Afterwards several kisses were shared and a TOMS tribute was given.

When I walked into her reception, my jaw hit the floor.  It was so them.  And so precious.  I will warn you now – you will want to add of all these details to pinterest.

One of my favorite things about working with my awesome husband is to see how we saw a moment.  The first series was Ted’s view.  And the reactions?  PRICELESS.

This was my vantage point.

My view:

Ted’s view…

This happened.  And it was AWESOME.

And to end – us with the amazing couple…

If you’d like to see more from Gianna and Ryan’s wedding, CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  (If you are trying to view their slide-show on an ipad or iphone, it currently won’t display.  But I promise – we’re on it.  And it’s worth a trip to your computer in the meantime…)  And thank you sweet Andrea Bustin for the beautiful music.

Finally, a little vendor love:

Hair: Curl Up & Dye, Renee Garza
Reception Details: Gianna and her amazing craft crew
Ceremony and Reception venue: Klein Creek Golf Club
Bridesmaid dresses: J.CREW
Dress and Handmade Veil: Veiled by Cha cha
Rings: Nickey Jewelers
Cake: Oak Mill Bakery
Handmade bouquet and Bridesmaid bouquets (WHICH ARE AMAZINGGGG!): Michelle Garza
DJ: David Wilner of Sounds Abound



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