Before every session, I send my amazing clients a little questionnaire.  Because YOUR story matters.  You are not just a client.  You are an exquisite person with a story and it’s a gift that you’d entrust that to me.  So when I read Stephanie’s response…I cried.  And though I have a million reasons I love them, I felt like her words were just what someone might need to see today:

Luke is an angel. And it’s not because his behavior is perfect (because, well, he is three) but it’s because of his spirit, his curiosity and, for me, what he has done for me since he’s arrived in my life.
I don’t know if I told you I got pregnant the first time we tried. My pregnancy was perfect (except for my own neuroses) and Luke came into this world as the healthiest little 10 pound chunk. And I felt those ten pounds in my arms and realized that was how much my heart weighed. That my heart would no longer be in my body, it would forever be in my arms, wrapped in the body and spirit of this little boy. And it felt like an awesome responsibility. And it felt like ten tons of worry came down on me. And it’s taken me three years to shed that and start moving again.2017-08-16_011

But it’s because of Luke that I can move. I would have kept living my life as it was, being somewhat ok with a lot of things, and kind of meandering through. With Luke’s arrival, I felt the fire in my belly, in my heart and in my soul. I wasn’t going to let him see his mother live a meandering life. A life where somethings are ok, but nothing is good, serving or beautiful. I wanted him to see his mother live an intentional life, a life of purpose, and a life that was set up to shelter him and give him space to grow and be who he is – with no judgement.



I remember when we locked eyes before her session 7 years ago.

“Amy, I’m pregnant.”

I knew that look.  It was similar to the one I had when I first I learned I was pregnant all those years ago when I had never planned on being a mom.  I looked deep in her eyes and just listened.  And I cherished what I knew.

Motherhood is hard and it is beautiful.  And she would be an AMAZING mom.  It was clear.  This little one was one of the luckiest.

Her mom just didn’t know it yet…

So when I got that precious email to invite me to document her sweet family, I squealed and danced and was beyond thrilled to freeze this sacred moment with all of them.

Sweet Brewer family, thank you for inviting me into your home and your hearts.  Thank you for sneaking up on each other with ALL THE GUSTO and for enduring my ridiculous jokes and for allowing me to capture the joy and love that is YOU.  I am forever grateful…


To see more from our time together (and I think you’ll fall even more in love) CLICK HERE to view their slideshow.


Sweet Mr. Silas,

Oh sweet little man, you are a miracle.  You are hope in a little body.  You are joy and grace and God’s faithfulness wrapped up in a little person.

You see, your parents have been on more than a decade long journey to you and your brothers.  Your mom and dad became professionals in the art of adoption paperwork.  They prepared their home and their hearts as they waited for you and your brothers.  And they are some of the most amazing people I know.  So it’s BEYOND exciting to sit in your home and watch all of you together.

I remember when you were just a tear-stained prayer.  I remember grieving with them as they walked through painful adoption processes that fell through.  I remember aching and praying for you and your brothers before any of you were born.

And now here you are.  You amazing, joy-filled GIFTS of God that were meant to be together since the beginning of time.  I cannot wait to cheer you and your brothers on in all of life…  I am SO glad you are HERE.

Amy Paulson





Wrestle time is the best time…



If you’d like to see more from their session, just GO HERE to view their slideshow


Sweet Miss M,

Oh darling…you are God’s breath in the form of such a precious little girl.  From your hair to your sweet little toes and fingers, you are a marvel.  God made you exquisite and I pray that you always know that in the deepest part of your being.

May you grow to know just how loved you are.  That you are a treasure.  And that everyone you meet is as well.

Sweet little one – you have amazing parents.  These two love deeply.  They will teach you how to be an incredible friend – the kind that will listen with your whole heart.  The kind that knows when to throw on your dancing shoes because it’s time to celebrate.  The kind who faces the difficulties life will bring instead of running from them.  The kind that will show you that love leans in and shows up.  It’s who they are…

I cannot wait to watch you grow…

Amy Paulson




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May your weekend be filled with a double dose of awesome.


May you take that risk you’ve been longing to try.


When things seem to be falling around you – may you find a soft place to land.


May you soar to new heights.amypaulsonphotography_3167

And may you sense that God is right there to catch you when you fall.


And finally, may your weekend be filled with soaking up the beauty of life with those you love.


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