Sweet Hadley,

I still remember you dressed in your red and white gingham jumper, your bright blue eyes and how your entire face smiled with your mouth.  I remember telling stories, becoming a human jungle gym, water parks and snuggles during Disney movies. I remember watching you and your brother and sister jump on the trampoline and laughing so hard you fell over.

And here we are.

You are a SENIOR.

In one breath – of course you are.  Your beautiful, kind heart speaks grace with every step.  Your age is evident.  But in the same breath – IT WAS JUST YESTERDAY that you fit in my lap and I also convinced you and your sister to try on every ridiculous hat/scarf we could find at TJ Maxx.

I love you.  (And your siblings.)  I cannot wait to see the beautiful things God writes into your story.  In the good and the hard moments, know that we are cheering for you.  Complete with big signs and goofy t-shirts because we are over the moon about you.  Always.  You don’t need to impress us.  You are just flat out loved.  Period.  And always.

Aunt Amy



Because…this is magical.  And it happened.  And I still cannot stop laughing.  Bless the sweet family members who received this email…

J’s Birthday and Christmas List (See parentheses for mom’s comments)
Skateboard with NO TRAINING WHEELS
“So many Skylanders and supercharger Skylanders and MOBILES. and undead sky/air/land vehicles.”
CAKE – Just regular cake.
I want to see Santa.
A little chihuahua
Little stuffed animal Skippy Jon Jones (Mom’s note: please NO OTHER STUFFED ANIMALS.  THEY ARE TAKING OVER HIS ROOM.  MUTINY, I tell you. Sometimes they stare at me as though they’re actually living and breathing and just waiting to TAKE OVER the world – starting with OUR HOUSE.  There is no space for this child in his own bed.  I have seen him sleeping ON THE FLOOR because there is NO ROOM.  And I’m left to assume that they are literally picking him up and moving him in the night.)
Another baby sister  (Not coming from me. But if you guys see a good cry/wet baby doll that’s cool.  They can watch over all his stuffed animals.)
Pet dragon  (no word on if he means really alive or not.)
All the Skippy Jon Jones books
Bug Collection (Mom says NO if you’d still like for us to have a good, healthy relationship)
Skylanders Dictionary
Silverbacks tickets (Atlanta’s Soccer Team)
He wants a ray gun to make things big.  “So I can use it on my sandwich to have a BIG lunch”. (Please also envision his hands outstretched demonstrating BIIIIIIIG)
More Star Wars Video Games
A PG-13 movie.  (That his mom will let him watch when he’s…wait for it…13)
Next…a robot to clean my room  (This is his most incredibly brilliant idea so far.  I fully support this)  And do everything for me.
My own Coca-Cola maker. (that his mom probably won’t let him drink from…)
A trillion donuts from Krispy Kreme.  (This can be redeemed when he’s with you.  I want nothing to do with this until he’s slept it off)
Tickets to Stars and Strikes (bowling alley here with arcade and laser tag)
A real lightsaber
My own laundry basket attached to a basketball hoop
An electric scooter
Every type of Lego in the world
Darth Vader Costume with Lightsaber
Tickets to Football
Tickets to the Braves baseball game
A remote control for Asher
My own iPad and computer
Puzzles – Dinosaurs
My own paleontologist set



Sweet G,

You sweet little lady.  You are more than a joy.  You are smiles and happy clapping and giggles and all the beauty in the world wrapped up in a person.  Which makes total sense knowing your mom and dad.

Sweet little lady, your mom and dad are incredible.  And this little journey they’ve allowed me into means the world to me.  You see – I remember meeting them when they were engaged and seeing the butterflies and the joy and all the new.  And they gave me the privilege of documenting their wedding day and capturing their love as every other detail melted away and they said yes to one another.  And now here you are.  This echo of laughter and joy and these two precious souls adding you.

You are so loved, darling.  By family and friends and friends that become family.  And your mom and dad are over the moon in love with you.  Thank you for sharing your joy and spark and all of your hand-picked rocks with me.  I treasure every last moment.  And your mom and dad?  You could say I’m crazy about them…and you’d be absolutely right.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!


I melt.  100% in a puddle on the floor.


Goodness – I love these two.  AND – can we just talk about how gorgeous they are?!?


Katie – you are beautiful.  Inside and out.  And I love seeing your love for your precious family.  You are one incredible mommy and I’m honored that we’re both in the midst of motherhood together.  The good, the hard and all the spaces in between.  Also – I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET THIS NEW LITTLE ONE!!!!!!!!


It’s that time.


Finally – you can walk outside and not instantaneously feel as though you are about to become a puddle on the ground.  The leaves are taking their cue.  School rhythms are starting to take hold.  And for those of you who are WAY ahead of the game – it’s time to start thinking about Christmas Cards so you walk into December ready to soak up the entire month with your people.

I’m offering one weekend of short story sessions each month.  What’s a short story session?  It’s a chance to document your story in 30 minutes.  Because my heart for what I do is to truly SEE people.  To see their beauty.  Their love for one another.  And to fall in love with every giggle, every snuggle and every moment in between.  After our initial phone date, during which I get to know more about your family, we meet up and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Then you receive a gallery filled with beautiful images that hold special memories and exchanges.  (And look great on your walls and in your friend’s mailboxes.)

Without further ado, here are the dates:

October 24

November 7

December 5

And just in case you wanted to see some images from recent short story sessions – here you are: (Also keep scrolling for more details about your investment…)



The investment and details:

Sessions are 30 minutes in length.
Sessions are $325 and include the digital media and printing rights.
Sessions are known to be filled with laughter and great memories.  These are great for couples, families and for individuals.  These are not great for extended families or families with more than 6 members.
These sessions will be held in the Buford, Suwanee, Duluth area.  Want me to come to your city?  Email me at amy@amy-paulson.com and let’s talk!

  • Jill Beadles - September 19, 2015 - 1:37 am

    Hi Amy, My friend Morgan and Kristi have mentioned how awesome you are and your pictures are amazing! I would like to schedule a photo session on Oct. 24 if you have that available. It would be my husband, myself, and our 4 kids (ages 13, 11, 9 and 6).
    My husband is leaving to go out of town that day so would u be able to have a session in the morning?

    Jill BeadlesReplyCancel

Yesterday was a happy mail day.

Instead of walking out to the mail box to feel completely saddened by the lack of real mail (trying to put a spin on “Current Resident” is depressing), I walked out to a package.  Yes, this package was sent to myself by myself.  But there was mail.  FOR ME. (Even though it had my husband’s name on it)

What was in said package?  It happened to be what is already becoming one of my new favorite books of all time, For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker.  (Jen – if you ever read this – I am already praying that one day we meet.  We’ll do a session for you and your husband and it will be glorious and the best of times forever.  Just dreaming in ink, here.)

You guys.  I love this book.  Times infinity.  I feel grace in ways I didn’t know I could and have laughed hysterically numerous times.  The only problem is that I just want to lock myself in my room and read all the things.  Which is a minor problem when my children seem to expect me to care about and listen to them.  We’ll find our way.

Though I’ve already been writing down numerous passages in my journal, one has become my new mantra.  Tell the truth.  So today…when I was asked to be the room mom for my daughter’s class – I told the truth.  (Bless this amazing teacher.)  Here’s how that looked:

Hi there, wonderful teacher!

I would definitely be interested in helping.  Here’s the small draw back: though I wish I were super awesome and organized and positively amazing – I’m not.  I have moments where I’m totally on top of all the things, but those moments are like unicorns and often disappear to show that it was all smoke in mirrors.  I’m learning to adult.  Progress is happening, but awesomeness remains elusive.
I would be more than happy to co-room mom if at all possible.  That way – someone can email me and remind me to SEND THE EMAIL.  (I oftentimes send emails in my mind and not in real life.  I’d love to blame the whole having three kids, but alas, it will probably still be true when my kids are all grown as well.) 

So today – I hope we can gather together and tell the truth.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I know I’ve spent the past few years hiding in fear.  I think I’m done with that.  For today.  And I hope I have the courage to say that again tomorrow and all the rest of my tomorrow’s.  And when I don’t, I’ll just take all the grace and try again the next day.

And since posts are more fun with pictures…here’s a little sneak peek of some of my favorite people in the world.  Goodness, I love them times infinity…


  • Carole Chaput - August 20, 2015 - 1:12 pm


    When you started sharing funny stories about your propensity for mixing up cliches when we were serving at the Passion Conference, I knew right away you were a rare truth-telling treasure. Because if we don’t tell the truth we might as well spend our days beating our heads up against a dead horse, right? Praises to God, it is your truth telling that makes you simply awesome.
    For the Love,
    Carole ChaputReplyCancel

    • amypaulson - September 10, 2015 - 3:06 pm

      Oh sweet Carole – I adore you. Thank you, sweet friend…ReplyCancel

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