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So I’m starting something new…  And here’s why.

For a while now I’ve had two problems…  First of all, mini-sessions grate on me.  Big time.  There has always been something that didn’t quite fit how I view people and their stories.  It was one location that I picked and I felt like the experience left people feeling like a number and not a person who was loved, treasured and seen – which is the antithesis of what I desire in documenting someone’s story.  Secondly, my sessions are a big investment that many people might value but not currently be able to afford…

So enter my new idea:  Share the Love sessions.


These are sessions that are shorter in length – but instead of filling a time slot in a location that may have nothing to do with your story or what you love – it’s a shared session with someone you love in a location we picked together.
Let me explain…
A set of two or three friends/families work with me to pick a day, time and location.  Each family has a 25 minute story session. (by the way, family could also be a married couple or single amazing person or set of college friends – hopefully you get that it’s not a limited definition I’m using)  We capture love and kids and skipping and joy and everything else that goes with.  Then their friends join us for their time slot.
At that point – we get to have up to 10 minutes together.  To document play-date friends, former college roommates that now have babies close in age, current college roommates who are about to spend a summer overseas…whomever it is they signed up with – and we have those precious moments allotted to work together.  To laugh.  And twirl/flex muscles and make some awesome-ness together.  Then the first “family” can head out to get their celebratory – “we just made beautiful memories and now have pictures to bring us joy for a lifetime” – treat – whether it be Starbucks, ice cream or movie night.  While the other “family” now gets to have their 25 minutes of memories and laughter and stopping to really SEE the beauty of themselves.
The really fun part?  It’s an incredible deal.  For this share the love session – it is $275 for each “family” which includes our time together and the DIGITAL MEDIA from our session.  Yep.  You can go all kinds of print crazy at …
And…when 3 “families” book together (same day, with time slots back to back, in the same location…) it’s $250 per “family”.

PS:  if you’re wondering what we can do together in 25 minutes (and 10 joint minutes with your other loved ones)…I’d be happy to show you examples…

These sessions are GREAT for:
Families with younger kids  (Though I LOVE lifestyle shoots in home capturing some of your favorite moments of the day AND pairing that with the adorable outside pictures, this is a great option for families who currently cannot commit to a full session.  The kids have a blast, it’s a short burst of awesome and then you get to relax.)
Families with older kids
Best friends
College and high school students (if a full senior session is out of their budget)
Amazing singles who realize that their story is very much worth documenting
MARRIED COUPLES.  (Seriously…we should not only have wedding pictures in our homes!)

These sessions are NOT great for:
Newborns…they need more time and I feel those sessions belong in their own home with the flexibility to eat when needed and to capture their house at that stage in life)
Engagement sessions.  (I LOVE to capture at least two looks and feels in those sessions and can’t do that in 25 minutes in one location.  Unless they are speed dressers, I guess…)
Families with more than 4 children.  (During these 25 minute sessions we are getting individual shots AND family shots and with more than 6 people in that time, it’s very difficult to make sure EVERYONE gets time individually as well as a group)

Also – for my Chicago area friends…I’m planning a trip to offer these May 1-4.  BUT…you would need to email me by tomorrow – or else I will have to call off the May trip and only offer these in July when I’m there.
DC friends – these will be available for the trip I’m tentatively planning June 13-15.
DENVER friends – these will be available to you July 3-6
Southern California friends – I really want to come see you.  So much.  So if you’re reading this, email me and we’ll start planning dates!
Kentucky and Tennessee friends – I will be coming your way soon.  But if you’d like to be a part of picking those date – email me and let’s start a conversation!
And Atlanta friends – email me and we can schedule a date for your session…

Finally – you rock.  And if you read all of this, you totally deserve a gold star.



Today I spent the day with these amazing people and I breathed in the preciousness that is new life.  There’s more to come, but for now here are some of my favorite moments…

the brittons


Meet my incredibly beautiful/kind-hearted/loving/intelligent/stylish/strong nieces, my handsome/hilarious/smart/compassionate/strong nephew, my heroic/loving/kind/stylish/beautiful/wise sister-in-law and my hero from the age of 2, my oldest brother.  I love them all and could not be more grateful for the chance to spend time with them and to have these pictures and memories to hold forever.  Love you all and thank you so much for letting me capture the beauty of your family…



Melissa – I hope you know I mean it completely when I say you’re one of my heroes.  The way you have walked the road of love and forgiveness and kindness still humbles me.  And the grace you’ve extended when I’ve called you so broken and discouraged in motherhood and you’ve breathed life into me and helped me find the path our family needs to walk.  I’m in awe of you.  Thank you.  And Robby…(yep, it’s my blog and I can totally go there) I love you and I’m grateful that God gave me you as my brother.

PS: These pictures of you two?  Pretty much my favorites ever.

Hadley, I remember you – in a red gingham dress – seeing so clearly how God was already sharing His love with the world through you from the very beginning.  Your big beautiful eyes lit up the room and melted away the darkness.  I remember holding you in my arms and praying that God would continue and even increase the love that already poured out of your 6 month old self onto anyone who was blessed enough to be near you.  I’ve only seen that continue to grow.  I cherish every last moment with you. 

Oh sweet Tay…  You are a gift.  I remember riding the escalator with you hand in hand, overwhelmed with gratitude for your joy – your LIFE.  I also remember convincing you to put a lampshade on your head and let me take a picture.  Which is still one of my favorite pictures and memories of all time.  Your heart, your gentleness, your hilarity, your beauty – I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude for all of it.

Oh Jackson…  I remember the moment I got the call and heard that you were here while I was in 6th period algebra.  I was over the moon excited that YOU WERE HERE.  That’s never changed.  As I watch you hold and listen to my little ones, I’m constantly in awe of the way you embody the love of God.  Making time to listen.  Caring with your whole heart.  Having so much strength and yet so much gentleness and kindness for everyone.  Thank you for making me an aunt…

introducing: baby hollyn

This beautiful little lady?  My newest niece.

Meet sweet Hollyn and my precious nieces and nephew, my beautiful sister-in-law and…my slightly smelly, but genuinely wonderful older brother.


63 years

This is what 63 years of choosing to say yes, choosing to love, choosing to forgive, choosing to hold hands, choosing to let the small things stay small and laughing so hard you nearly fall over looks like…

I love this look.  And these people.

PS: Kristin, you are also one incredible daughter…

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r