Dear Maggie,

There’s this spark within you.  It’s part kindness, part hilariousness, part joy and so much beauty.  Spending time with you was such a gift.  (Also – I’m still amazed at your kindness when you were so sick!)  I cannot wait to see the path you take.  There are a few things I know for sure: the people you meet along with way will realize how lucky they are to have met you.  You will bring joy to so many people whether it’s through your work on stage or it’s just in the conversations shared along the way.  How do I know?  I count myself among them.

Amy Paulson



MAGGIE.  Can we just pause and talk about how BEAUTIFUL you are?!?!?!?!


Dear sweet Connor,

You are a joy.  Although I already knew you would be because I knew your mom and dad.  (By the way – I’m sure you know this already, but they are incredible.  God gave you some wonderful parents.  And they are so smitten by you.  As am I)  I loved laughing with you, running around, sharing stories and seeing the way you and your family love each other.

Your family pours out kindness on everyone you meet and I am grateful to have been one of those recipients.  Thank you for sharing your joy, love, kindness and laughter with me…

Thank you!
Amy Paulson




Dear Paige and Bobby,

You are heroes.  And not just because you willingly drove through Atlanta traffic to join me for a short story session.  (Though you are brave, amazing souls for facing such traffic.)

But the main reason I say that?  It’s in the way you love your precious children.  It’s in every image.  The way your face lights up when you connect eyes with them.  (Or each other)  The way you wrap your arms around them and in every hug let them know that they will be cherished forever.  It’s in the way you listen to your precious little girl when it all feels like too much…even when you could easily decide you don’t have time.  It’s in the way you find the good and champion it.

Please hug your amazing little ones for me.  They are a JOY.  And keep choosing to love the way you already do – in the big and the small.  Because it’s pretty incredible…just like your family.

Amy Paulson


Sweet Meghan,

DUDE.  You are exquisite.  Inside and out.  I will treasure laughing with you, nearly falling over multiple times and every last joke your amazing mom read.  You are a gift.  And you know what I love?  That you aren’t waiting for someday to live a beautiful life.  You’re doing it now.  It’s in the way you listen to others, care for others, invest yourself in what you do, laugh wholeheartedly and see the beauty in what’s around you.  I’m overjoyed that I got to capture this moment for you.  Thank you for trusting me with it.  (and for waiting until it was no longer belligerently hot so we weren’t sweating profusely throughout your session)

Amy Paulson


Meghan – you are BEAUTIFUL.  Stunning.



Dear Miss M and Miss H,

I have a little secret for you that everyone already knows: You are spectacular.  You are incredible gifts that leave us in awe of God.  Your hearts, your joy – it’s all this beautiful reminder that Someone knit you together and hand-crafted such magnificent humans.

I have yet another secret – that everyone already knows.  You two hit the jackpot on your parents.  These two – they love people with their whole hearts.  They show up when it’s hard.  They fight to see the good.  To spend time with them leaves us all better.  And laughing harder.  I know you’ll have your days with them.  (They will probably have the same with you.)  But they will always choose to love you.  I know it.  They’ve built their lives upon it.  And that, sweet little ones is likely the greatest gift we can give anyone.  To pledge to always choose to love.  (even if it takes us a bit to get there)

I pray that you will fill your days with continued joy and laughter.  That when the sorrows come, you can find love and rest in one another.  (And most especially in God as He’s absolutely crazy about you and loves you so much)  I pray that you will grow to love with your whole hearts, just like your mommy and daddy.

I love you to the moon and back.  And your mommy and daddy?  I still can’t find the right words to wrap around how much I love them.  They’ve given me one of my most treasured gifts in life – a backstage pass to some of their most special moments.  I got to see them celebrate the joy of deciding to run through life together.  I watched your mommy and daddy run to each other on their wedding day.  I watched the giddy joy they shared as they waited for Miss M to arrive.  I watched them hold you Miss M with grateful arms when you were 10 days new.  And this time I got to see them with their arms and hearts so full of love it overflowed once again and twice over.  Every time my heart leaves a little bigger because of them: a little more loving, a little more tender, a lot more grateful.  For all of this, I am forever grateful.

Amy Paulson




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