Your mom and dad knew before anyone else…you were coming.  You were growing in their hearts at such a rapid rate that they could feel the transformation piercing into every portion of them.  It just took time to find you.

They filled out forms.  They showed up for interviews.  And you grew.  And grew.

One day the phone call came.  You were HERE.  It was time to meet mom and dad.

Bags were packed, prayers were prayed, hands trembled with excitement and a million other emotions because YOU were waiting for them.  You, who had grown in their hearts to the point they that they might explode, WERE HERE.

Little Miss C and Little Mr. A, may you know that even with all the risks and fears of utter heartbreak – your mom and dad would go through it again – a million times over.  They have loved you long before you took your first breath.  And they will walk you through the good and the hard and the everything in between that is life.  Because love walks us all the way home…



I remember watching the world stop as they held their new little man.  I remember the grateful tears welling up as I watched their love grow even bigger when their only man took on the role of big brother.  (Yes, he took it VERY seriously.). I remember the quiet joy that resounded in their home.

And now their world is constantly in motion.  Exploring, running, trying and tumbling.  And their love continues to grow and laugh and expand…the way the best things in life do.

Sweet Brugh family, I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Having the backstage pass to your love and life as your family grows means the absolute world to me.  Thank you for letting me freeze time for you.  Also, you all are ADORABLE.



To view more from our time together, CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

We came into the year limping.  It’s a common occurrence when happen when your child has a learning disability.

So when the new school year began, we walked through the doors of my daughter’s 3rd grade classroom with trembling hearts.  And there we were greeted by Mrs. Southerland.

When the world didn’t know what to do with my daughter’s hand-writing, Mrs. Southerland saw past the mechanics and told Hannah the truth: she was a WRITER.  And dysgraphia was NOT going to keep her from sharing her gift.

In her classroom, Hannah learned that we CAN do hard things.  She learned to make mistakes and to fall in love with learning.  And above all, she learned that she was SEEN and LOVED.

Hannah’s story is one of many.  Students still come back from their middle schools and high schools JUST to hug Mrs. Southerland.  Because she taught us the sacred truth: we MATTER.  We can do hard things.  And we are LOVED.

For three years now, I’ve documented her precious family.  I’ve watched their love grow.  And I’ll be honest, when her daughter ran up to me at their session and hugged me, I almost cried.  Because these people mean the world to me.

To see more from our time together, CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

The best days include musical chairs, surprise snuggles and jumping on the bed.  In those moments, we touch joy, laughter, connection and the best of what life has to offer.  So you can imagine how overjoyed I was to do all of the above with this amazing family…

Sweet Rulewicz family, thank you SO much for sharing your joy with me.  From dancing to musical chairs to everything in between, I’ll treasure every last moment…

To see more from our time together, CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

Sometimes we are vulnerable enough to be seen.  To open our arms a little wider and say, “You are welcome here.  Here is US.  The real, perfectly imperfect US.”

And I smile every time because I see the glory.  The grace and the beauty mingled together in the most exquisite display: LOVE.

Sweet Huff Family, I love you all.  So much.  Thank you for opening your arms and hearts to me.  What a beautiful family you’re making…

PS: Thank you for helping me do my first ever studio session!  I may survive in MI after all!!!

(I cannot share this post without also sharing this mama’s beautiful work and business.  Katie is a wonderful photographer here in the area and meeting her has been such a JOY.  You can check out her work and cheer her along HERE.)


To view more from our time together, CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

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