sweet baby myla

Dear Sweet Myla,


Oh beautiful girl…  I love you.  You are sweetness, and beauty, and you hold us all captive with your tiny little fingers and full head of hair.

Though I’m sure you’re already discovering this, you must know that you have an amazing mommy and daddy.  To know them is to love them.  They are kindness, quiet strength and the best cheering section in town.  They choose love – even when it’s hard.  They are faithful, giving friends.

As I looked through these pictures of you in the middle of the airport headed back to my babies, I found tears in my eyes.  I’ve been BEYOND blessed to document the seasons of your mommy and daddy’s life.  I got to hear the story of how your daddy proposed.  I watched your mommy and daddy run to each other on their wedding day when they got their first chance to see each other.  I got to hear about the day your mommy found out that you would be arriving in 9 months.  And now – there’s you.  And even more love than ever before.

Your family is telling a beautiful story of love and grace.  It’s the best kind of story to tell.  And I cannot wait to watch you grow and add to this story.

Precious little one, may you know deep within you, even now, just how LOVED and treasured you are.  You are a gift.  Just like your parents…

All my love…

  1. Mandy says:

    Love their nursery!!! She looks like her mama! So cute. Like always, you do a wonderful job – you’re so talented. Great job.

  2. francesca pignataro says:

    Love these!

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