gianna and ryan

He thought she was cute.  She thought he had great teeth.  (No really…she did.  And he does.)

They exchanged numbers…and then…well…nothing.

Until they finally got together for a run.

He brought his ipod.  Just “in case”.

There was no in case…

He fell for her.  And she knew he was the one.  And before long, he knew he wanted her to be his running partner for life.

So he asked…in the middle of their run.  (Insert ten million cool points here)  And she said yes.


Gianna and Ryan, there just aren’t words.  Literally.  I tried my best to find them and I just couldn’t.  I have sat here for an hour and a half and feel like every time I try to describe how grateful I am for you two, what an encouragement you’ve been, or how my heart does back-flips when I think of how wonderful you two are, the words I muster up don’t begin to capture it.  But know this, you two are such a gift.  A treasure.  To everyone you meet.  Every time I’ve been with you, I’m blown away by how you love each other.  And how you love others.  You bring joy everywhere you go.  Honestly, I can’t even think of the two of you without smiling like a 5-year old who just got a double…no triple scoop ice cream cone.  (I know this smile quite well…)  Thank you for allowing me the unbelievable privilege of documenting this moment in your life.  And the day that you two become one.  That is the most incredible honor ever.  I love you two to pieces.

So…without further ado – here are Gianna and Ryan…


Don’t you instantaneously want to be her best friend?  Oh Gianna, you are so adorable.


Ryan – you’re a stud.


I made Ryan give Gianna his best pick up line.  The “convince her to marry you” by just this line.  This is what happened…


Um could ya’ll be any more GORGEOUS?!?  (Yes, I’m increasing my usage of the word “ya’ll” to prepare for our big move…)


You two are so cute I can hardly handle it.




Gianna…girl you are all kinds of stunning!


Quite possibly one of my favorite series EVER.  Could they be any cuter?


We stopped off for a little ice cream…

Okay…it’s these moments that make me stop and thank God that this is my job.  Two people – so incredible and so incredibly in love.  It doesn’t get any better or any more beautiful.


Gianna – I’m just gonna say what everyone is thinking – HOLY STUNNING PANTS.  And yes, everyone is thinking those words, exactly…


And more faves…

We then headed over to one of my favorite farms ever, Wagner’s Farm Stand.  (I cannot thank them enough for letting me photograph here!!!  Or for their amazing fruits and veggies that we get there at least weekly!)


Ahhhhh!  I die of extreme amounts of cuteness.

It wouldn’t be right to not pay tribute to one of their favorite things to do together.  And I’m pretty sure that Nike never looked so good.


Holy hotness…




And here I go again with more favorites…


If you’d like to see more from their engagement session, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And again – Andrea Bustin, thanks for supplying the beautiful tunes!

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