gianna and ryan: maternity session

I love them.  With my whole heart.  When I think of them, I smile and almost think about moving back to Chicago so that we could be neighbors.  (Although maybe one day I could convince them to move here…)  Because these two are so kind, so genuine, so loving and everything that makes a person incredible.

In a few weeks a precious little lady will be held in their gracious, loving arms.  She may be the luckiest little girl ever.

Ryan and Gianna, I treasure every moment with you two.  Literally.  From Starbucks dates to engagement sessions to emails and phone conversations to your wedding day and every moment in between.  Thank you for giving me the honor of documenting your love and these moments in your life.  I treasure that honor SO much.  I love you both and I cannot wait to meet this beautiful lady.

(Small side note – if you happen to be reading this and you have extra sky miles you’re not going to use – would you email me at  I would give anything to be there to document this little lady’s first moments, but with my kids’ school schedule, I’d have to be able to fly and since we typically road trip everywhere – we don’t really have sky miles…  I know it’s crazy and it’s a long shot, but…I figured I’d put it out there and see if something crazy happened…)




GIANNA – YOU ARE GORGEOUS.  And yes, I had to write that in all caps so you would know I was squealing it…


And…since there’s no better way to celebrate fall and babies coming soon than with a leaf fight – we had to have one. 

  1. Mandy says:

    These are Great!!!!! Love that they are not awkward or cheesy pregnant pictures. Love the fall colors, sunflowers, pumpkins and leaves!

  2. […] got their first chance to see each other.  I got to hear about the day your mommy found out that you would be arriving in 9 months.  And now – there’s you.  And even more love than ever […]

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