caroline and jr: a sneak peek

Last night I sat pouring through images of 2 people whom I adore.  People with hearts so big and so kind that you struggle to find words when trying to describe them and you resort to phrases like “sooooo great…” and “I just love them” and you smile a lot hoping that will make up for your dire need for a thesaurus.

But as I looked through our time together and smiled big smiles accompanied by intermittent laughs and “oohs” and “goodness, I love them” moments, I found myself SO drawn to the moment in time images.  Where they aren’t looking, but you feel their love for one another.  And though there are swoon worthy images where they are looking at the camera and his handsome-ness is obvious and her gorgeousness leaves me breathless – these images held my heart.

Maybe it’s just been one of those weeks.  One where you realize that love is a beautiful thing.  A layered thing.  That when you are given a glimpse of it – you simply must stop everything and celebrate it.  So…I give you love.  From two people near and dear to my heart.

And yes, there are more to come soon.  (PS: these two are getting married in 23 days.  I CANNOT WAIT.)


Caroline…OH MY GOODNESS.  You are beyond beautiful.

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