kalyn and ryan: the wedding

I’ll never forget that raspberry white chocolate mocha.

She sat across the table sipping the yumminess between gushes about a boy.  But it wasn’t just any boy.  It was plain as could be.  This was the one.

From the moment I heard her share their story – I knew.  They were perfect for each other.  It was just a matter of time.

A few months later, I got THAT phone call.  The jumping up and down, squeals intermingled into a chorus of happiness.  And I could not have been more excited.

Kalyn and Ryan, you don’t begin to know how much I love you two.  Oh my goodness….  The two of you are so precious to my heart that I cannot help but smile with a mere thought of you.  Thank you for sharing your lives with me.  And Kalyn – you have no idea what a gift it has been to walk through life with you over the past 6 years.  Ryan, when I first met you, I knew that you were perfect for her and that she would bring a spark to your life that would be unmatched.   And I adored you.  Thank you for giving us the back-stage pass to your wedding.  Being entrusted with the honor of documenting such a special day was SUCH an honor.  Thank you…  We love you guys to pieces!


Yes.  My jaw-dropped and I definitely squealed when I saw these.  Here are Kalyn’s beautiful Kelly and Katie shoes embellished with some of Kalyn’s designs…


The rings


Instead of bouquets, Kalyn made these lanterns for her bridesmaids.  And she personalized hangers and made hair pieces for all of them.  Yes…prepare to be overwhelmed by her amazing-ness

I was in love with her dress.


I absolutely LOVE when my groom and my groomsmen just let us document what really happens.  And TOMS and football happened.  And it was epic.

Okay…I loved everyone involved in the wedding.  Especially her precious bridesmaids.  And I love the look on sweet Jillian’s face…

I’ll be honest.  I had major shoe envy.  Too bad I can’t wear heels.

The incredible boutonnieres made by one of the amazing bridesmaids.

Possibly some of my favorite pictures EVER.


Kalyn…let’s be real for a minute.  YOU ARE GORGEOUS.

I totally melted into a pile of mush when I captured this moment with her mom.

Kalyn and Ryan decided to do a first look.  Which I’d like to mention I LOVE.  Sure it’s nice that you have extra time for pictures and can get to your party more quickly, but what I really love is the intimacy of the moment.  I melt when I see the expressions on my bride and groom’s face.  He’s able to walk over to her and pull her into a long embrace.  She gets to tell him how handsome he is.  He is able to tell her that his jaw dropped when he first saw her.  The world stops for the two of them for however long they want.  For kisses, for holding hands or even just staring into each others’ eyes.

After their first look we got down to business.  The business of being gorgeous, of course.


LOVE these next two.


A tribute to the Longhorns…

Right before the ceremony, Kalyn’s bridesmaids gathered around to pray for she and Ryan and to thank God for bringing them together.  Kalyn’s grandfather beamed with joy as he looked on…

Right before she walked down the aisle…

Let’s have a swoon moment over how gorgeous the ceremony decor was…shall we?

Okay…back to that whole walking down the aisle, getting married thing…

Honest moment: I fell head over heels in love with Kalyn’s grandpa.  He and his wife were so incredibly precious.  And he was soooooo happy to be there.  He took photos of every little detail and with each click of his camera, you could see the love he had for Kalyn and his desire to not miss a thing.

Supreme and utter cuteness.

Kalyn and Ryan had a foot-washing ceremony.  It was a chance to reflect on what Jesus did for his disciples and what they want their love to look like.

I was so in love with the looks on their faces!


Right after…

We then headed out to Marietta Square.  And this bridal party brought the gorgeous…

On the left is their NSync tribute.  And yes…my day was made.


Prepare to be overwhelmed by their awesome-ness.

Then it was time to celebrate!

Ryan’s mom MADE this cake.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was sooo beautiful and soooooo yummy.


Her grandpa started the evening out with a beautiful prayer.

Something you should know…not only is Kalyn an incredible artist – she’s an AMAZING singer.  Like-move-over-Mariah-Carey-amazing.  (The Mariah Carey that sang “Hero” so that we’re clear)

Their first dance…

A glimpse of the epic toasts.  And let’s just say I was in love with their reactions…

Then…it was time to open the dance floor.  Might I add that I LOVE it when the dance floor is filled at our couples’ weddings?!?

These guys ROCKED it.

Then it was time to bust out the LED glow lights.  My husband now wants to require these appear at every wedding.

One of my faves…because I love them so…

All great parties must come to an end…


To see more from Kalyn and Ryan’s wedding, CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thank you to Devin Bustin for the music!

  1. Heather Maynard

    October 16th, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    So, so gorgeous! Amazing job (as always, but I seriously think you get better with each one)! You captured the details so beautifully!

  2. Mandy

    October 17th, 2011 at 1:40 am

    soooo who are these couples?!? and OH MY WORD, these weddings are breathtaking!!!

    nice job capturing all the details and special moments.

  3. Mindy

    October 19th, 2011 at 2:51 am

    Love the whole thing. Her dress is a.maze.ing!

  4. Lisa

    October 19th, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    I think this is one of my favs!! LOVE the pictures, poses, beautiful people, decorations, everything!!! Wedding looked like it was a lot of fun!!!!!

  5. Debbie Klimek

    October 27th, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Best Photography, Best Wedding, EVER!!

  6. shine love…(and a chance to help kalyn and ryan) » Amy Paulson

    February 3rd, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    […] Yesterday I spent a little bit of time with two amazing ladies I’m convinced will change the world.  No joke.  They happen to own one of the most adorable/awesome clothing stores ever.  And when they heard about their sweet friends Ryan and Kalyn, they wanted to do something to help.  Right now, Ryan is of course unable to work and with precious Kalyn’s broken collarbone, she is also unable to continue her current job as a waitress at this moment.  (Besides the fact that she’s giving all of her energy to healing and being with her precious husband)  So these two ladies designed a T-shirt based on the tattoo you can find on Ryan’s right arm.  (Which also happens to be in Longhorns colors, just for Ryan.  If you frequent this blog much you’ll remember the Longhorns shout-outs they had at their wedding…) […]

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