the billings family

I love them.

The way they laugh together.

The hilarious stories they tell.

The fact that they will totally pull out baby pictures if you just ask.

The love they share with each other and extend to people around them.

This family?  AMAZING.

And here are some pictures that will help you understand why.  And you precious Billings family?  I could not be more grateful for you guys.  And to spend a Saturday morning with you…


Since this shoot was a Mother’s Day present, here’s a little glimpse of these guys with their beautiful mom…


I asked them to strike a pose for awkward family photos.  They rocked it…


And to see more of their awesome-ness check out their SLIDE-SHOW
(Special thank you to Devin Bustin for the music!)

  1. Leona Walrod says:

    What a fun filled photo session with the Billings family!! Photos are fantastic!! You must be an amazing photographer. I only know Carly.

  2. Pat Benes says:


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