lessons learned

My heart is so incredibly full.

This weekend was…WONDERFUL.  I had a backstage pass for the wedding of one of SUCH an awesome couple.  And though their full wedding post is coming soon, I wanted to use some of the outtakes and moments captured to share with you some of the things I learned.  And oh how grateful I am for clients who teach me and remind me of the most important things in life…

Chocolate is always a good idea.


The best friends in life are always there to help you find your way.

When life gets overwhelming, close your eyes and just breathe.


Never miss an opportunity to hug your dad

And remember that beautiful, passionate kisses are the best.


Don’t try to hide from your circumstances.


But instead, embrace the roller-coaster of life.


All while giggling with friends whenever possible.  (Leg pops are strongly encouraged)


Relish in the fact that you are blessed to have a friend to lean on.


Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith…


And never get too busy for thumb wars.


Striking a pose is always a good idea…


And don’t be afraid to dance to the beat of your own drum.


Holding hands is a gift.


And so is skipping with your sister whenever possible.  (Provided you have a sister)


Never be afraid to stop and take it all in.


Know that sometimes you just gotta break it down.


And throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don’t care…


Take time to laugh with your mom.


And know that you are NEVER too old to shake your groove thing.


And even when you feel like a fish out of water…


Just get out there and bust your move…


  1. Good job! what a great post!

  2. Joann Potter says:

    You got Rob and Izzy’s personalities down perfect! Great Pictures!

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