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quotes from my daughter

This weekend we chose an adventure. That started to EPICALLY turn.  Not a slight careen.  Not a mild curve.  A full, complete and utter turn for the worse. We set out to climb a mountain.  We strapped the kids in, handed them snacks and started down the road.  The unfortunate problem?  Half of Atlanta must […]

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that kind of love

So many posts.  So little time.  Mentions of disgust and sadness and so many other emotions as people watched Miley Cyrus perform. The thought that wouldn’t leave my mind for even a moment? God is FOR her. He always has been.  He will not love her more if she changes her ways.  He is not […]

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lindsey & rob: an anniversary story

These two. They fill my heart with joy.  They’ve become such cherished friends.  And so when we planned to visit family in Michigan, they were the first people I called.  Because…I adore them. For the past 3.5 years, I’ve had the privilege of documenting their love.  Their laughter.  And all the joy and hilarity and […]

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house rules

We have a very important rule in our family.  Whenever you go to a hotel, you simply must jump on the bed. And for this entire next year, whenever I get discouraged, I’ll look through these pictures and smile and realize just how blessed I am.

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a little bit of this…

To the sweet mommy who feels discouraged today…like she’s less than and can’t get it together – like it’s all too much and there are too many questions and too many requests and you’re about to lose your marbles… YOU. Yes, you. We’re in this together.  And I’m cheering for you.  Doing cartwheels for you.  […]

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