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the paulson family

Love. I was convinced for the longest time that it was a feeling.  And it is.  Yet, it’s more. It’s a choice. It’s one more hug.  It’s choosing to come back and try again.  It’s pacing floors at 1 am with an infant who decided now was the time to party. (A party you wish […]

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these days…

These days are full. Sometimes almost too full but I probably only think that when yelling is involved. It’s been a big year.  Of learning.  Of fighting for these little ones.  Of trying.  Of growing.  Of laughter and…did that seriously just happen? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Even though it’s been harder than […]

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adventures with april

Sometimes, life with kids gets a little monotonous. I would love to say it’s all full of adventure and Instagram worthy moments – but…it’s not. So today when my little lady left and made it VERY clear that I was to protect her brand new stuffed animal bunny “April” from her brothers – I got […]

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little miss

Dear Sweet Little Lady, Oh you darling little girl…  You are HERE.  It took a lot to get your here.  Your mommy and daddy were AMAZING. And you?  You are heaven…here.  On earth.  It can be hard to see it when you’re waking your mommy and daddy up as much as I know you are […]

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quotes from my daughter

This weekend we chose an adventure. That started to EPICALLY turn.  Not a slight careen.  Not a mild curve.  A full, complete and utter turn for the worse. We set out to climb a mountain.  We strapped the kids in, handed them snacks and started down the road.  The unfortunate problem?  Half of Atlanta must […]

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