we’re moving: raleigh, nc – here we come

I tried so hard.

Hot yoga.
Red light therapy.
Happy Lamps.
Salt Lamps.
Essential Oils.
Chiropractic Care.
Infrared Sauna.
Eating clean.
A Million Different Supplements and Medications Taken Religiously.
Pursuing Community.
Gratitude Journals.

I gave it my all. And it was never enough.
For 9 months out of the year here, I have battled for my very life. It turns out that when I can’t see the sky, my soul dies. And not in a way that produces fruit, but in a way that makes it difficult to keep living.

Which leads to this bittersweet announcement: later this summer, our family is moving to Raleigh, NC.
We are thrilled, excited, terrified, unsure and yet completely sure – all at once. We will miss friends and family with our everything – but I also know that to stay is a death sentence for me – no matter how much I love our people. (Trust me – I don’t say that lightly and I also have had the help of medical professionals and my closest people in this realization)

We will take your prayers, your virtual hugs, your information on Raleigh, your packing recommendations and prayers for our house to sell quickly here.
I am forever grateful for the people I’ve met here, and one day I’ll be grateful for the lessons I learned here…I just may need a month of blue skies first.

PS: For clients here in Grand Rapids – I will still be taking sessions while we’re still here. I’d suggest starting the conversation soon so we can get you on the schedule!
PPS: Live in or near Raleigh? I’d be FOREVER grateful if you’d say hi and if you might let friends and family know I’m headed your way. Starting over your business is challenging and those recommendations truly mean the WORLD.

Look at that courageous – empty girl.  She tried.  She gave her all.  Though I ache over these past two years – she survived.  And today – that’ll have to be enough…

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