Emily, Matt and Miss M

We first met in middle school.  I was a new student in a sea of well-adjusted 8th graders.  (This was now my 3rd middle school after multiple moves.)

The truth be told, I don’t remember exactly how we met.  But I can tell you exactly what I felt.

Gratitude.  Welcome.  Home.

Emily was a gift.  She was brimming with joy and wit and she had a way of making all of you feel welcome.  We could talk a little too loudly, laugh even louder and whenever I was around her, I knew I was home.

Emily met Matt and they fell in love.  I knew he was the luckiest.  And ask anyone who knows them…together – they help you know gratitude…welcome…and home.

And now – they hold Miss M…the little girl that grew in their hearts until the day she was FINALLY in their arms.

Matt, Emily and Miss M – I am forever grateful that I got to see you all together.  I look through these images and I could cry.  Prayers ANSWERED.  Hearts open and full.  And joy beyond measure.  Thank you for sharing all that you are with me.


To see more from our time together, just CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

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