on the road again…

Oh you beautiful people that still join me here.  Did you know that I love you?  I do.  Times infinity.

In an effort to be organized (read: grow up and be a big girl) – I’m doing a big thing.  (For me)  I’m putting travel dates out there for the rest of the year.  I know…you may faint from my organization here.  Honestly, I almost did.  (And yes, I also have no idea why I’ve waited until this year to do this.)

So here is my current travel schedule for the rest of the year:

April 14-15 Clarksville and Nashville, TN (tentative)

June 4-6 DC (tentative)

June 25-June 28 Chicago

June 29-July 7 Michigan (Grand Haven, Holland and Grand Rapids) *some of these dates may be changed later to open up more days in Chicago

July 8- July 11 Chicago/Wheaton

October 3-4 Birmingham, AL (tentative)

So here is what this means…I would LOVE to see you.  And I would be all kinds of thrilled (and likely found doing a super hilarious happy dance) to document your life and love while I’m there.  You see, creating memories together and freezing this incredibly sacred moment is my absolute joy.  I can tell you the story behind every image.  What he said, how she laughed, the way her eyes danced when her little boy climbed into her lap…  And I’d love to do this for you as well.  If you’d like more information about sessions, (I offer both regular sessions and all-inclusive sessions which hold the digital media with printing rights as well) just email me at amy@amy-paulson.com.  Be sure to include a number where I can reach you so that we can set up a phone or Skype date so I can get to know you and answer any questions you might have.




Finally, if you don’t see your city, but you’d love for me to come visit – email me.  I’d love to talk with you more and see if we can plan a trip to your area.  Here’s a (shortened) wish list of places (and people in them) I already desperately want to visit:

In the US: Boston MA, Los Angeles CA, Denver CO, Naples FL, New York City NY, San Francisco CA, Columbus OH, St. Louis MO, Little Rock AR, Indianapolis IN, Chattanooga, TN

The world: Tokyo, Germany, France, British Columbia (Canada), London, Moscow, Brazil, Peru and South Africa  (Honestly – I’d list the whole world, but each of these places/countries have amazing friends and due to the overwhelming desire to hug them and see where they live, these places win the top of my list)


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