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Meet my incredibly beautiful/kind-hearted/loving/intelligent/stylish/strong nieces, my handsome/hilarious/smart/compassionate/strong nephew, my heroic/loving/kind/stylish/beautiful/wise sister-in-law and my hero from the age of 2, my oldest brother.  I love them all and could not be more grateful for the chance to spend time with them and to have these pictures and memories to hold forever.  Love you all and thank you so much for letting me capture the beauty of your family…



Melissa – I hope you know I mean it completely when I say you’re one of my heroes.  The way you have walked the road of love and forgiveness and kindness still humbles me.  And the grace you’ve extended when I’ve called you so broken and discouraged in motherhood and you’ve breathed life into me and helped me find the path our family needs to walk.  I’m in awe of you.  Thank you.  And Robby…(yep, it’s my blog and I can totally go there) I love you and I’m grateful that God gave me you as my brother.

PS: These pictures of you two?  Pretty much my favorites ever.

Hadley, I remember you – in a red gingham dress – seeing so clearly how God was already sharing His love with the world through you from the very beginning.  Your big beautiful eyes lit up the room and melted away the darkness.  I remember holding you in my arms and praying that God would continue and even increase the love that already poured out of your 6 month old self onto anyone who was blessed enough to be near you.  I’ve only seen that continue to grow.  I cherish every last moment with you. 

Oh sweet Tay…  You are a gift.  I remember riding the escalator with you hand in hand, overwhelmed with gratitude for your joy – your LIFE.  I also remember convincing you to put a lampshade on your head and let me take a picture.  Which is still one of my favorite pictures and memories of all time.  Your heart, your gentleness, your hilarity, your beauty – I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude for all of it.

Oh Jackson…  I remember the moment I got the call and heard that you were here while I was in 6th period algebra.  I was over the moon excited that YOU WERE HERE.  That’s never changed.  As I watch you hold and listen to my little ones, I’m constantly in awe of the way you embody the love of God.  Making time to listen.  Caring with your whole heart.  Having so much strength and yet so much gentleness and kindness for everyone.  Thank you for making me an aunt…

  1. Gwen Gunnells

    January 25th, 2014 at 12:03 am

    Beautiful photos of a fantastic family. We love them and thank God for their sweet spirit through the years.

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