nicole and nick: happy 1 year anniversary

Oh these two.

I find it so very fitting that of all days they would celebrate their first anniversary – it would be on Easter.  The day when death was defeated.  The day when Jesus did the completely unfathomable and left a whole host of people in joyful tears.  The day when they woke with sorrow and hopelessness only to be greeted by the Hope of the world Himself.

Their story is a resurrection story.  Where the world looked so grim, so hopeless and Jesus continues to bring a story of beauty from the ashes.
Happy anniversary, Nick and Nicole…  I am forever grateful for the two of you and today I wish you time to breathe.  To soak in the beauty of one another.  To treasure the gift the two of you are.

Love you both so very much.  And please hug your kids for me…


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