nicole and nick: march 31

These two…

They have a love so big, so full that they have taken the pain of so.much.loss that has been woven into their lives and allowed God to write a story so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.  On March 31, these two were surrounded with family and friends who could not contain their joy to see these two amazing, sacrificial, loving people begin their lives as husband and wife.  And I’m pretty sure you couldn’t find a dry eye in the place.  As the pastor talked about the way this couple rose from the ashes of the loss of Nick’s sister, and the beautiful children that now joined their family, we all breathed in the beauty of these two – holding hands – being CELEBRATED.  Just as they should be.

Nick and Nicole, I struggled to find words for this post.  Because knowing the two of you and seeing the way you’ve poured out your lives to be a part of God’s beauty invading so much darkness has grown my heart wider than I could have imagined.  I almost had to put my camera down for a moment as the pastor talked about the ways you two have laid down your lives for each other and these precious little ones because I couldn’t hold back the tears.  Thank you.  Thank you for inviting us into your lives.  Thank you for giving us the privilege of documenting such an AMAZING day.  For letting us have the backstage pass as we got to capture moments that mean the world to us – because you two mean the world to us.  Thank you for living a BEAUTIFUL story.  For choosing to go the extra miles.  For choosing to take loss and pain that was unimaginable and stand in the gap for these precious little ones who needed you.  For finding love and joy and creating that space wherever you walk.  You two are such a gift to us.  We’re forever grateful for you and the inspiring story you are telling with your lives.



I love how stunning she is before she even put on make up.  Oh Nicole…you are SO.VERY.BEAUTIFUL.

I couldn’t decide which I loved more…the look on Nick’s face when he saw his bride or the look on their son’s adorable face as he saw Nick light up after seeing his mom…

This moment completely melted me.

Vows on cell phones.  PERFECTION.

To know Nick and Nicole is to know that after his sister died, he and Nicole fought to take in her two precious kids.  It was a long, hard road to say the least.  During the ceremony, the pastor took the time to thank and encourage them for how they stood in the gap for these precious little ones.  Just like God does for us.  He spoke the words on all of our hearts…

Jumping the broom…  Could they be any more gorgeous doing so?!?

Obviously…I was already in love with Nicole and Nick.  Then I met their bridal party…


These ladies?  Gorgeous.  Inside and out.


LOVE.  It was chilly – but they were troopers!

Prepare yourself for extreme gorgeous-ness overload.



Nicole has an AMAZING sense of style.  And the reception was exquisite.  See for yourself…

Their first dance…

Followed by their precious family dance.

This picture turns my insides into mush every time.


Nicole and Nick ooze genuine graciousness.  And they took time to thank their guests and some of the people who had walked them through a lot in the past few years.  Enter their pastor and his sweet wife.  (She’s the adorable one on the right)  Let’s just say I adore her.  And her reaction.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I love wedding receptions.  I love when my couples and their friends and family hit the dance floor and celebrate.  This little guy below?  Love him.  And he brought it on the dance floor.  I asked him if he would teach me how to dance.  His response?  He just laughed and walked away…

Nicole – have I mentioned how beautiful you are?  True story.

Love this beautiful family.

Don’t be surprised when this goes on my fridge.  I love my couples so very much…


If you’d like to see more from Nicole and Nick’s wedding, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.

  1. Nicole Roby says:

    These are such cute pics! You see the love and the fun that was going on! I had a ball and was so blessed to be apart of this union……

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