Oh the places you’ll go.

It’s overused – but it’s appropriate here.

Anders, you have a wit and depth that are obvious from the moment someone has the privilege of meeting you.  It shows in all the theater work you do…  Your kindness shines forth and your heart for adventure and the world come together in a sacred embrace.  I cannot wait to see where God continues to lead you and the ways you use your creativity and kindness to help transform the places you go.

Thank you so much for spending your Sunday afternoon with me.  It was a gift to get to know you better (and see your amazing mom) and stand in awe of the man you are becoming.


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Ten years ago, I sat in a chair and listened as this brave couple shared about the long road to adoption.  They shared about the mountains of paperwork, the milestones reached and the financial investment they had made to meet their child.  They were FINALLY one of the next families in line to adopt internationally.

But a few weeks later, they learned that the country had closed it’s doors to international adoption.

Their dreams were shattered.  We all ached.  Tears were shed.  And yet, we all knew there was a little one somewhere meant to be theirs.

For 4 more years, I watched and prayed and ached with Lisa and Nate as they walked through miscarriages and failed adoptions.

And then…

Carter.  We cried as we looked at this sweet baby boy and saw how he nestled into their arms in the most perfect way.

More years passed with more heartache and loss and yet a beautiful growing baby boy.  But they sensed in the depths of them they had more little ones on the way.  And in the darkest of moments?  Isaiah.  And then finally, Silas.

Out of such great loss, these parents kept showing up, opening, extending and now?  Three precious boys call them mom and dad.

Theirs is a story of great loss and great resurrection.

Nate and Lisa – (and you precious Jarot boys!)  I could cry over the gift it is to know you and be loved by you.  Thank you with my entire life and heart for sharing your journey with me and for giving me the honor of documenting it along the way.  My goodness – you all are the bee’s knees.




When I first got her email, I had tears in my eyes…  She explained that as a Christmas present to their mom, she and her siblings wanted to gather everyone together for a story session.  The entire family worked to reschedule their day so that we could be together and press pause to celebrate the beautiful family they have made.

I’ve watched this family grow for years.  I originally had two of them in youth group while I was a college student.  And I’ve watched as their hearts and lives have grown to continually pour out to the whole world.  It is with great honor and joy that I share with you the amazing Stoner family…



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What do you get when you combine love, grace, joy and dance parties?

The Duncan family.

Melissa and Joel – I still look through these images and find tears in my eyes over the way you love your kids and the way they embrace it.  It wrecks me every time in the most beautiful of ways.  I am forever grateful for learning the true meaning of purple light, dance parties in a forest preserve, every last giggle and capturing moments as you showered each other with love.  You all are a gift…



To see more from our time together, CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

One of the greatest gifts of my life and work has been documenting precious clients through the years.

To capture the excitement of a couple’s engagement, the tears of joy on their wedding day, the birth of their first child and then to document as their family continues to grow…  Well…just thinking about it has me near tears.

That’s one of the reasons why this session is so sacred to me.  Because these precious people have become family to me.  And documenting their love as it grows – well, it’s a humbling gift.

So when we gathered together 6 years later in the same spot as their engagement session – well – I could not say thank You to God enough.

Timmer family – I LOVE YOU.  Yes, I’m shouting.  I can’t help it.  I’m so grateful for the gift you’ve entrusted me with – your love and your family.  Thank you…



Just gonna let you know – the image above is one of my favorites of all time…



To see more from our time together, CLICK HERE to view their slide-show.

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