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there is room at the table

There is room at the table. I wasn’t sure of that anymore. I’ve spent the past three years trying to make friends. When we first moved, I felt like a trailblazer.  An adventurer. After the first month or so?  Good feelings gone.  Once you unpack the boxes, you actually have to live in that unfamiliar […]

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on the road again…

Oh you beautiful people that still join me here.  Did you know that I love you?  I do.  Times infinity. In an effort to be organized (read: grow up and be a big girl) – I’m doing a big thing.  (For me)  I’m putting travel dates out there for the rest of the year.  I […]

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kyle and ashley: engaged

Pea coats were donned.  Gloves were required.  Full blown snowsuits could have been a necessary addition. But no temperature warnings could keep us from celebrating.  Because these two have a love that requires a party.  They see the incredible gift they have in one another.  What started as a friendship has grown to a love […]

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sweet little O

Sweet little one, in a perfect world, we’d be neighbors.  You’d be a regular addition to the noise and joy in our home.  Someone would be waiting to play peekaboo with you nearly every moment you could want.  And I would have weekly coffee dates with your mom and she’d teach me how to cook. […]

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coming back

Hi, my name is Amy. I realize the introduction might seem silly, but it’s necessary.  Because somewhere along the line I stopped showing up here with my whole self.  I’ve been scared.  Scared because I didn’t have it all together.  (Translation: my life felt like broken pieces laid out on the floor.)  Scared of what […]

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