the stahr family

Laura and Mac – I remember the early days of parenthood.   The lack of sleep.  The overflowing diaper bag.   The entire encyclopedia of differing opinions on how to BEST raise your little one.  The joy of it all and the desire to JUST FREEZE TIME.  (After one really good night of sleep though…)

Just in case you were not aware – you are doing a BEAUTIFUL work.  You are LOVING your girl to the brim.  You SEE her.  For the joy that she is, hilarious facial expressions and all.  And you will keep SEEING her.  And reminding her all of her days of WHO she truly is.

That’s the work.  And you all are doing such a magnificent job.

Little Miss E…one day, you’ll be a grown woman.  You’ll hold these images, and you’ll know the full story: your parents loved you with their entire hearts.  They always have.  And they always will.

I’ll treasure our time together ALL MY DAYS, love.  Every last giggle.  Every last skeptical glance.  And every last moment where your heart filled with so much joy, your face couldn’t begin to hide it.

To see more from our time together, CLICK HERE to see their slide-show.


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