the brewer family

I remember when we locked eyes before her session 7 years ago.

“Amy, I’m pregnant.”

I knew that look.  It was similar to the one I had when I first I learned I was pregnant all those years ago when I had never planned on being a mom.  I looked deep in her eyes and just listened.  And I cherished what I knew.

Motherhood is hard and it is beautiful.  And she would be an AMAZING mom.  It was clear.  This little one was one of the luckiest.

Her mom just didn’t know it yet…

So when I got that precious email to invite me to document her sweet family, I squealed and danced and was beyond thrilled to freeze this sacred moment with all of them.

Sweet Brewer family, thank you for inviting me into your home and your hearts.  Thank you for sneaking up on each other with ALL THE GUSTO and for enduring my ridiculous jokes and for allowing me to capture the joy and love that is YOU.  I am forever grateful…


To see more from our time together (and I think you’ll fall even more in love) CLICK HERE to view their slideshow.


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