sweet mr. silas

Sweet Mr. Silas,

Oh sweet little man, you are a miracle.  You are hope in a little body.  You are joy and grace and God’s faithfulness wrapped up in a little person.

You see, your parents have been on more than a decade long journey to you and your brothers.  Your mom and dad became professionals in the art of adoption paperwork.  They prepared their home and their hearts as they waited for you and your brothers.  And they are some of the most amazing people I know.  So it’s BEYOND exciting to sit in your home and watch all of you together.

I remember when you were just a tear-stained prayer.  I remember grieving with them as they walked through painful adoption processes that fell through.  I remember aching and praying for you and your brothers before any of you were born.

And now here you are.  You amazing, joy-filled GIFTS of God that were meant to be together since the beginning of time.  I cannot wait to cheer you and your brothers on in all of life…  I am SO glad you are HERE.

Amy Paulson





Wrestle time is the best time…



If you’d like to see more from their session, just GO HERE to view their slideshow


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