sweet miss M

Sweet Miss M,

Oh darling…you are God’s breath in the form of such a precious little girl.  From your hair to your sweet little toes and fingers, you are a marvel.  God made you exquisite and I pray that you always know that in the deepest part of your being.

May you grow to know just how loved you are.  That you are a treasure.  And that everyone you meet is as well.

Sweet little one – you have amazing parents.  These two love deeply.  They will teach you how to be an incredible friend – the kind that will listen with your whole heart.  The kind that knows when to throw on your dancing shoes because it’s time to celebrate.  The kind who faces the difficulties life will bring instead of running from them.  The kind that will show you that love leans in and shows up.  It’s who they are…

I cannot wait to watch you grow…

Amy Paulson




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