little mister p


Sweet Little Mister P,

Oh sweet little man…  For 5 months I watched you grow inside your precious mommy.  I watched as her hands covered over you and she tenderly cherished every kick and movement you made.  I joined hands and hearts with your mommy and our precious friends in prayer for you and your whole family during those months.  Prayers for joy.  For health.  For little whispers of our Father to already be ever so present in your ears.  And then I got to hold you.

At that moment, I nearly cried.  Not sad tears.  Anything but.  Happy, joyous, oh-my-goodness you are here tears.  And you have been given one of the great big brothers you could imagine.  A strong, kind-hearted daddy that is so in love with you.  And oh sir…YOUR MOM.  You HIT THE JACKPOT.  She is filled with grace.  Laughter.  A heart that beats with so much love and kindness.  And as I took in the joy of your entire family, I couldn’t believe how kind God would be that I get to see these prayed for moments and celebrate with all of you that you are all together.

I love you, sir.  And your entire family.  I cannot wait to watch you grow…




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