inga and jonathan: westpoint wedding

Words cannot even begin to capture my joy and gratitude for you letting us capture your wedding day.  There are so many memories and moments that I’ll treasure for a lifetime.  Watching the two of you light up when you first saw each other, watching your moms both serve and love everyone who came near, hearing stories from your dads, watching Adeline rock the dance floor and seeing the two of you, filled with love and joy in every moment.
You and Jonathan are such a gift and joy.  I am so grateful to know you both. Thank you beyond measure for all the sacrifices you make to serve our country.  My heart aches as I think of all that you give up for this country.  But it’s a reverent ache.  The kind that sees the deep sacrifice and overflows with gratitude.

And Inga – goodness, I love you.  Thank you for your friendship.  For loving middle schoolers and walking them through life.  For trusting me enough to have me document your precious sister’s wedding.  For calling your mom and instantly giving us the MOST INCREDIBLE place ever to stay while we were in Buffalo on a crazy road trip. For taking my daughter out for macaroons and searching the whole city for ice skating.  For sharing your heart all along the way. For sharing all the God was teaching you and for all the ways you showed up.  I am SO grateful for you.  amypaulsonphotography_2949


Inga…let’s just pause for a moment to admire just how beautiful you are.  SERIOUSLY.amypaulsonphotography_2953

If you know me, you know I love first looks.  And not because of the timeline.  It’s because I get to watch as couples get to say all the things.  They can run to each other.  Instead of having to wait through an entire service, they get to share all the words, hugs, emotions and every last moment.  I have a quiet awe and joy every time I get to witness these sacred moments…


YOU TWO.  So incredibly adorable…amypaulsonphotography_2958amypaulsonphotography_2960

I may have nearly melted into a pile of mush after I saw this image…amypaulsonphotography_2961amypaulsonphotography_2962amypaulsonphotography_2965amypaulsonphotography_2967amypaulsonphotography_2968amypaulsonphotography_2970amypaulsonphotography_2971amypaulsonphotography_2974amypaulsonphotography_2975amypaulsonphotography_2976amypaulsonphotography_2977amypaulsonphotography_2978amypaulsonphotography_2979amypaulsonphotography_2982

As Ted and I drove around West Point and Highland Falls, NY the day before their wedding, we found a house with an ENTIRE AMERICAN FLAG on the side.  Which meant that I was in love and felt it simply HAD to make it into pictures.  Luckily – these two thought it was a great idea.  And though it was crazy cold, they BROUGHT IT.


Let’s just pause and talk about what an incredible community these two have.  Those centerpieces?  Jonathan’s mom, sister and daughter made them.  I asked his mom – is this your job?  She replied – no…I’ve never done this before.  And then my jaw dropped.

Also – notice that SAILBOAT candy?  (So much cuteness)  And the box of chocolates?  These were all made by Inga’s brother-in-law and his AMAZING company Shane Confectionery in Philadelphia.  (I just discovered – YOU CAN ORDER ON-LINE!!!!)  I’m going to be honest with you – both Ted and I were pretty certain they were the BEST CHOCOLATES we had EVER eaten.  Ted may have scanned the room at the end of the night for anyone who didn’t take theirs…only to find that NO CHOCOLATE had been left behind.  Also – if you’re in Philadelphia – you have to go to their Ice Cream Parlor – Franklin Fountain.  Our family is planning a road trip there as soon as we can.




Kiersten – I love you.  So much.  I still remember all of those beautiful moments with you and Eric on your wedding day.  I had tears in my eyes as I  watched your love for your sister overflow into your own tears. Thank you for all the ache and fears and general missing her you’ve faced as she’s served our country.



A huge thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this day happen:

Venue: Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church
Reception: The Thayer Hotel
Macarons: Olivia Macaron (Washington, DC)
DJ: Party Time Productions (Highland Falls, NY)
Dress Designer: J. Crew
Candy Favors: Shane’s Confectioners

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