the schuckmann family: sims lake park

Dear Paige and Bobby,

You are heroes.  And not just because you willingly drove through Atlanta traffic to join me for a short story session.  (Though you are brave, amazing souls for facing such traffic.)

But the main reason I say that?  It’s in the way you love your precious children.  It’s in every image.  The way your face lights up when you connect eyes with them.  (Or each other)  The way you wrap your arms around them and in every hug let them know that they will be cherished forever.  It’s in the way you listen to your precious little girl when it all feels like too much…even when you could easily decide you don’t have time.  It’s in the way you find the good and champion it.

Please hug your amazing little ones for me.  They are a JOY.  And keep choosing to love the way you already do – in the big and the small.  Because it’s pretty incredible…just like your family.

Amy Paulson


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