the brugh family: sims lake park

Dear sweet Connor,

You are a joy.  Although I already knew you would be because I knew your mom and dad.  (By the way – I’m sure you know this already, but they are incredible.  God gave you some wonderful parents.  And they are so smitten by you.  As am I)  I loved laughing with you, running around, sharing stories and seeing the way you and your family love each other.

Your family pours out kindness on everyone you meet and I am grateful to have been one of those recipients.  Thank you for sharing your joy, love, kindness and laughter with me…

Thank you!
Amy Paulson




  1. […] about you.  And your brother…  Let’s just say he will forever and always hold such a special place in my heart.  Just as he gave me the grand tour of your house, I know he’ll be there to give you a tour […]

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