naomi and eric: wheaton maternity story

Dear Naomi and Eric,

YOU TWO.  You speak joy and kindness into every moment.  You have encouraged my heart on so many occasions with your love for people, your kindness towards me and your passion for growing.

And then…on top of it all – you gave me the crazy huge privilege of documenting this moment – this time for pause as you grow this little human and transition from a love that has knit your hearts together to a love that now will grow your family.  I’ve been giddy since the moment you shared your secret over the phone.

As this season of growing this little human nears its end, may you know God’s grace and love even more deeply.  May you learn that He has made you enough for always.  In the moments of possible sleep deprivation, may you remember that He has infinity reasons that you two should be the parents for this little one – and this little one will help raise the two of you.  In the hard moments, I also pray you know you are NEVER alone.  And that it’s totally fine to want to lock yourself in the closet with a really great piece of chocolate every now and then.  (Speaking from experience)

I love you to the moon and back.  All the blessings on your sweet family AND on your BEAUTY-FILLED photography business!!!!

Love you,
Amy Paulson

PS: For all you precious people in Bloomington, IL, you need to take a moment and check out Naomi’s amazing work over at Nomi Photography.  Her heart shines through her images.



First things first – how BEAUTIFUL are these two?!?!?!?!  And secondly, a huge thank you to the people at River City Roasters who let us invade their incredible space (and enjoy their amazing coffee) during our time together.  I can’t wait to go back over the summer!


All the feels, I tell you.  ALL THE FEELS.


Naomi – just all the WOW’s.


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