kelly and joe: wheaton just us session

Kelly and Joe,

I look at this first image of the two of you and it’s beyond obvious.  Love.  It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the two of you.  Love for each other.  Love for your families.  Love for your friends.  It’s not just a characteristic for the two of you – it’s who you are.

It’s why you walk into a middle school every day and see precious souls trying to figure out this crazy, beautiful, hard life.  It’s why you may have spent most of your weekends lately celebrating friends starting their lives together as one.  It’s because you show up with your whole hearts – ready to love and serve.

You two have my heart.  Always.  Thank you for inviting me into your lives and your love.  I treasure every last moment – from donning Bears gear while in the early stages of planning your wedding, to hilarious moments with your sweet grandma as you donned your dress and got ready to see each other on your wedding day, to commandeering coffee shops and celebrating that YOU WERE MARRIED, to hugs and quick moments to catch up on the wedding days of other sweet client friends, to wandering around Wheaton and celebrating the past year of your marriage.

Love you,
Amy Paulson



THIS.  The way he looks at her…  I melt.


KELLY.  It’s just me.  Taking a moment to state the obvious – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  You just radiate beauty.  Period.


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