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Sweet KJ and Chris,

I remember begging my parents for a sister.  It was on my Christmas list for a few years.  For years, those prayers and pleadings remained unanswered.  Until…as my brothers grew up and met amazing women and married them – I gained some.  Then, I met Ted.  And gained two more brothers.  (Bonus – you two have always been WAY kinder than my brothers growing up.)  And then, Chris, you fell in love with KJ.  (and Chad and Kristen married!)

After all these years, God has given me the best sisters I could ask for.  (And best bonus brothers)  Spending time with you two this summer was such a gift.  Watching you give your hearts to our kids…filling “one” more water balloon that you knew was going to be thrown in your direction .2 seconds …reading ALL the stories…smiling through being tackled…all the hugs and snuggles.  We love you two so much.  I could not be more grateful that out of all the brothers and sisters I could have been given – I got the two of you.  (And let’s take a pause as we also celebrate that I got Kristen and Chad, too!)

And KJ – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  May this year be filled with so much love and joy as you walk through life hand in hand.  We are SOOOOOO thrilled that you were born!




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