hadley: senior

Sweet Hadley,

I still remember you dressed in your red and white gingham jumper, your bright blue eyes and how your entire face smiled with your mouth.  I remember telling stories, becoming a human jungle gym, water parks and snuggles during Disney movies. I remember watching you and your brother and sister jump on the trampoline and laughing so hard you fell over.

And here we are.

You are a SENIOR.

In one breath – of course you are.  Your beautiful, kind heart speaks grace with every step.  Your age is evident.  But in the same breath – IT WAS JUST YESTERDAY that you fit in my lap and I also convinced you and your sister to try on every ridiculous hat/scarf we could find at TJ Maxx.

I love you.  (And your siblings.)  I cannot wait to see the beautiful things God writes into your story.  In the good and the hard moments, know that we are cheering for you.  Complete with big signs and goofy t-shirts because we are over the moon about you.  Always.  You don’t need to impress us.  You are just flat out loved.  Period.  And always.

Aunt Amy



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