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Sweet G,

You sweet little lady.  You are more than a joy.  You are smiles and happy clapping and giggles and all the beauty in the world wrapped up in a person.  Which makes total sense knowing your mom and dad.

Sweet little lady, your mom and dad are incredible.  And this little journey they’ve allowed me into means the world to me.  You see – I remember meeting them when they were engaged and seeing the butterflies and the joy and all the new.  And they gave me the privilege of documenting their wedding day and capturing their love as every other detail melted away and they said yes to one another.  And now here you are.  This echo of laughter and joy and these two precious souls adding you.

You are so loved, darling.  By family and friends and friends that become family.  And your mom and dad are over the moon in love with you.  Thank you for sharing your joy and spark and all of your hand-picked rocks with me.  I treasure every last moment.  And your mom and dad?  You could say I’m crazy about them…and you’d be absolutely right.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!


I melt.  100% in a puddle on the floor.


Goodness – I love these two.  AND – can we just talk about how gorgeous they are?!?


Katie – you are beautiful.  Inside and out.  And I love seeing your love for your precious family.  You are one incredible mommy and I’m honored that we’re both in the midst of motherhood together.  The good, the hard and all the spaces in between.  Also – I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET THIS NEW LITTLE ONE!!!!!!!!


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