all i want for christmas

Because…this is magical.  And it happened.  And I still cannot stop laughing.  Bless the sweet family members who received this email…

J’s Birthday and Christmas List (See parentheses for mom’s comments)
Skateboard with NO TRAINING WHEELS
“So many Skylanders and supercharger Skylanders and MOBILES. and undead sky/air/land vehicles.”
CAKE – Just regular cake.
I want to see Santa.
A little chihuahua
Little stuffed animal Skippy Jon Jones (Mom’s note: please NO OTHER STUFFED ANIMALS.  THEY ARE TAKING OVER HIS ROOM.  MUTINY, I tell you. Sometimes they stare at me as though they’re actually living and breathing and just waiting to TAKE OVER the world – starting with OUR HOUSE.  There is no space for this child in his own bed.  I have seen him sleeping ON THE FLOOR because there is NO ROOM.  And I’m left to assume that they are literally picking him up and moving him in the night.)
Another baby sister  (Not coming from me. But if you guys see a good cry/wet baby doll that’s cool.  They can watch over all his stuffed animals.)
Pet dragon  (no word on if he means really alive or not.)
All the Skippy Jon Jones books
Bug Collection (Mom says NO if you’d still like for us to have a good, healthy relationship)
Skylanders Dictionary
Silverbacks tickets (Atlanta’s Soccer Team)
He wants a ray gun to make things big.  “So I can use it on my sandwich to have a BIG lunch”. (Please also envision his hands outstretched demonstrating BIIIIIIIG)
More Star Wars Video Games
A PG-13 movie.  (That his mom will let him watch when he’s…wait for it…13)
Next…a robot to clean my room  (This is his most incredibly brilliant idea so far.  I fully support this)  And do everything for me.
My own Coca-Cola maker. (that his mom probably won’t let him drink from…)
A trillion donuts from Krispy Kreme.  (This can be redeemed when he’s with you.  I want nothing to do with this until he’s slept it off)
Tickets to Stars and Strikes (bowling alley here with arcade and laser tag)
A real lightsaber
My own laundry basket attached to a basketball hoop
An electric scooter
Every type of Lego in the world
Darth Vader Costume with Lightsaber
Tickets to Football
Tickets to the Braves baseball game
A remote control for Asher
My own iPad and computer
Puzzles – Dinosaurs
My own paleontologist set



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