here’s the thing

Today I crumbled.  It’s been brewing for a few weeks.  Summer slipped away and all the things were here and I wanted to run and hide from ALL THE THINGS.  That’s when the fear and the “holy buckets I can’t do this” and “will my kids be okay?!?!?!?!” began.




This morning, I sat with God.  And He said some things – or at least I think He did because they sound too smart to be me – and I just thought somebody out there might need these words, too.

Sweet one…here’s the thing.  You are being made new.  NEW.  Not slightly improved upon or polished up a bit or stuck like this forever.


Did you catch that other important detail?  I am doing it.  In you.  With every step and every breath.  I AM making you new.  And I am incredibly good at what I do.  And yes – faithful to complete it.  Your role is to simply show up to life.  Sure – it’s good for you to show up with trust and lean into me – but even if you don’t – I will still be at work.  I am faithful and good.  Always.

I love our babies.  Aren’t they magical?


I had such a splendid time knitting them together as they grew inside you.  They are pretty incredible, aren’t they?  I’ve known them and planned them since before you were born.  Yes.  They were never for a moment accidents.  It may have seemed that way to you, but it’s never been that way to Me.  I’ve joyfully planned them for this time since before time.  (Just like I planned YOU)

So you bet I’m there with them, whispering to them and giving them all they need.  Which includes having YOU as their mom.  Sweet one – you were made to be their mom.  You were the right one for the joy of raising THESE precious souls.  Which means once again – I’ve given you all you need to be their mom.  I’m not looking for Pinterest mom.  These little souls need YOU.  The one who can never find her phone and really does love with her whole heart even though you doubt it.

So breathe deep.  And then go be the you-est you you possibly can.  That’s all.  I’ve got the rest.

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