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Yesterday was a happy mail day.

Instead of walking out to the mail box to feel completely saddened by the lack of real mail (trying to put a spin on “Current Resident” is depressing), I walked out to a package.  Yes, this package was sent to myself by myself.  But there was mail.  FOR ME. (Even though it had my husband’s name on it)

What was in said package?  It happened to be what is already becoming one of my new favorite books of all time, For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker.  (Jen – if you ever read this – I am already praying that one day we meet.  We’ll do a session for you and your husband and it will be glorious and the best of times forever.  Just dreaming in ink, here.)

You guys.  I love this book.  Times infinity.  I feel grace in ways I didn’t know I could and have laughed hysterically numerous times.  The only problem is that I just want to lock myself in my room and read all the things.  Which is a minor problem when my children seem to expect me to care about and listen to them.  We’ll find our way.

Though I’ve already been writing down numerous passages in my journal, one has become my new mantra.  Tell the truth.  So today…when I was asked to be the room mom for my daughter’s class – I told the truth.  (Bless this amazing teacher.)  Here’s how that looked:

Hi there, wonderful teacher!

I would definitely be interested in helping.  Here’s the small draw back: though I wish I were super awesome and organized and positively amazing – I’m not.  I have moments where I’m totally on top of all the things, but those moments are like unicorns and often disappear to show that it was all smoke in mirrors.  I’m learning to adult.  Progress is happening, but awesomeness remains elusive.
I would be more than happy to co-room mom if at all possible.  That way – someone can email me and remind me to SEND THE EMAIL.  (I oftentimes send emails in my mind and not in real life.  I’d love to blame the whole having three kids, but alas, it will probably still be true when my kids are all grown as well.) 

So today – I hope we can gather together and tell the truth.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I know I’ve spent the past few years hiding in fear.  I think I’m done with that.  For today.  And I hope I have the courage to say that again tomorrow and all the rest of my tomorrow’s.  And when I don’t, I’ll just take all the grace and try again the next day.

And since posts are more fun with pictures…here’s a little sneak peek of some of my favorite people in the world.  Goodness, I love them times infinity…

amypaulsonphotography_2451 amypaulsonphotography_2452 amypaulsonphotography_2453

  1. Carole Chaput says:


    When you started sharing funny stories about your propensity for mixing up cliches when we were serving at the Passion Conference, I knew right away you were a rare truth-telling treasure. Because if we don’t tell the truth we might as well spend our days beating our heads up against a dead horse, right? Praises to God, it is your truth telling that makes you simply awesome.
    For the Love,
    Carole Chaput

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