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My little ones are getting older.

She doesn’t fit on my lap as well anymore.  He sometimes seems so grown-up I want to cry.  And the littlest has learned how to make the “st” sound and no longer says “FOP” when he means “STOP.”

There is a beauty to this new season, but there is also this craving to slow down and freeze these moments that seem insistent on passing quickly.

This season in my life has translated into pouring my heart and energies into crafting a session to slow down and freeze time for families.  Granted – this desire is poured into every type of session I offer – short story or just us sessions – but this session holds a special place in my heart.

I love the beautiful family images that are made to adorn mantles and anchor gallery walls.  I love helping create them and seeing them in my client/friends homes.

But I learned there’s an even greater gift I can give families.

When a family invites me into their home and into one of their favorite activities – I can freeze time for them.  In this informal setting, little ones feel the freedom to be themselves.  Scrunched noses, silly giggles, favorite toys in hand and all.  I get the back stage pass to the beauty of the details that make them family.

Oh the details…  It’s the favorite stuffed animal and the book they want to read always.  It’s the grin that comes in hide and seek and the way their hand always makes it right into the cookie batter.  It’s bear hugs and hand holding and sometimes the joy of bubbles.

But one of my favorite details?  It’s the love these parents have for their little ones.  The joy in their face as they get lost in the gift that is their child.

When I deliver this portion of our session, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude because I know that every time these kids come back to these images – even when they are grown and have little ones of their own– they will know and see just how much they are loved.  And in this crazy yet beautiful journey of parenthood – these parents will be able to see the glory and splendor of what they are doing.  As they look through this collection of moments, they will get to see just how sacred and beautiful the mundane tasks that make up much of life with kids really is.


After a while we throw on the “special” outfits and go on to create even more memories and the images that will likely adorn the walls.  But together, we’ve frozen time and more fully captured their story.  A story that reads: love.

This work?  It’s an honor.

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