coming back

Hi, my name is Amy.

I realize the introduction might seem silly, but it’s necessary.  Because somewhere along the line I stopped showing up here with my whole self.  I’ve been scared.  Scared because I didn’t have it all together.  (Translation: my life felt like broken pieces laid out on the floor.)  Scared of what people think.  Scared of not being enough.  Scared because things were hard and my faith was gone.  Add to that a lack of time and an extreme gift for putting off transformational tasks and you have the presence of pictures with the absence of my real self.  (Though the pictures did have my heart)

But I’m going to start sharing my real self again.  It’s going to be imperfect and though that’s hard for me, a recovering perfectionist to handle, it’s time.  So I hope you’ll join me here in this space.

In the meantime – here’s what we did during our “snow” day…


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