morgan & sean: engaged

Morgan and Sean…it’s no secret.  I love you both.  I love your hearts.  The way you love each other.  How you make people feel like family from the very beginning.  How you see the wonder and the good in the people that you meet.   And PIPPEN.  Don’t even get me started on Pippen…   I could not be more excited to see the two of you join your lives together as husband and wife in 7 months.  Thank you for spending the afternoon with me – I am so grateful for our time together and I cannot wait to see you again soon! (PS: Can we go to Garrett’s again?  Because I totally ate my the popcorn I bought for my mom and dad.  And…I love hanging out with you.)


Let’s just say I’m in love with these people…AND this black and white series…

Can we just pause and talk about how STUNNING Morgan is?!?  Seriously, lady.  (And Sean – you’re totally cute, too.)

And now…I introduce you to PIPPEN.  Prepare yourself to melt.

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