lindsey & kurt: engaged

Lindsey and Kurt – YOU TWO.  (Yes – I must use caps and I’m shouting)  I love you to the moon and back.  I’m pretty sure that the two of you make me laugh harder than anyone ever.  (Except for Ted.)   I am so glad that God kept bringing you two back to one another and that in 8 months – the two of you will start your life as husband and wife.  Thank you for the memories – the stories – and the JOY.  Because that’s the word I think of whenever I think of you two – JOY.  You two bring it everywhere you go and it’s highly contagious.  Thank you for being you.  For seeing the best in people and bringing out their best.  For loving people with all that you have.  For pouring out your lives to help others see just how capable and wonderful they are.  (And Lindsey – the way you care for your students will forever and always humble me.  Listening to your stories was such a gift.)  And for the dance moves.  Most DEFINITELY for the dance moves.

So…bottom line.  I love you.  For an infinite number of reasons.  And I couldn’t not be more excited for July!!!!

You guys rock.

Lindsey…let’s just pause and take a moment to talk about how GORGEOUS you are.  Lady – you are beautiful inside and out.

This series is the making of the next photo.  And yes – I loved them all.

Kurt – this picture is for you.  It’s a way of saying thank you for some of my favorite wedding reception pictures EVER that are usually thanks to YOU.


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