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Let’s come together and create good.  And beauty.  And laughter.

On Saturday, November 29 I’m opening up 4 short story (mini) sessions at Little Mulberry Park to make Christmas a little brighter for some families.

These are 25 minute sessions in length and will include the digital media.  These session fees are going DIRECTLY to the families.

One family is facing huge medical bills after their son has been in and out of the hospital throughout the year.  (Love sending cards?  Go check out the beautiful ones this family is making HERE)

Another family just welcomed their second child through adoption and we’re going to help them pay the adoption fees.  (You can also contribute to their adoption process HERE.)

Finally, there are many families that will be attending the Holiday House through the Atlanta Children’s Shelter.  It is “a week-long on-site event that provides parents with the opportunity to do all of their holiday shopping free of charge. This event will help to ensure that all of our ACS parents and children have a Merry Christmas.”  Let’s make it extra merry…

Here are the times available:
2:15 pm
2:45 pm
3:15 pm
4 pm

The minimum suggested donation for each session is $150.  If you can give more, please do so.  (These sessions are normally $375)  If you aren’t able – then enjoy this session at this extra special discount and love that it’s about creating good – for your family and for another family.
Email me at for more information.  (Please include your number so I can get to know your story and answer any questions you may have!)

I cannot wait to tell your story.  And be a part of creating good together.

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