the southerlands

I’ve now started this entry 30+ times.  There are too many things to say.  Too many moments that I will truly treasure forever.

But the constant theme in my every attempt to put in words how grateful I am for this family was this: love.

It’s in the way her face lights up when her daughters enter the room.  It’s the little smile that overtakes her when she locks eyes with her husband.  It’s in the joy that soars through her as she watches her daughters do magic tricks.  You see it in the patience she pours over their little hands and little hearts…and the way she holds them tight.

It’s in the way he cherishes his girls.  The smiles.  The hugs.  The willingness to swing them around “Again, again, again.”  His dedication to draw anything in sidewalk chalk that his little 2 year old asks.  The way his eyes light up when he looks at his wife.  The kindness wrapped around every word he shares.

Their house – their very lives – are built on it.

And it’s beautiful.

Precious Southerland family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and for extending all the love you have for one another to me.  Thank you for sharing your hearts, your joys and your laughter.  And most of all – your magic.  Both the magic in your show and the magic found in how you love each other with a love that is so clearly from God.  I’m forever grateful…



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