“just us” sessions in Wheaton

I lost sight of him.
Depression, dirty dishes, a list of things he “wasn’t” and a pile of heaping hurts clouded everything.
I saw him everyday – but I didn’t see him.  I saw all the things he wasn’t.  All the things that hurt.
Honestly, at one point, I gave up.  I decided that I’d just wait until one day maybe the real him would come back.  But honestly, how can you come back when the person your with stops trying?  It’s possible, but it certainly isn’t easy.
Finally, after a diagnosis and a prescription – he saw what I’d seen for years.  We had nothing.  Possibly less than nothing.  Sure, we were totally married, but he didn’t know if he loved me and I wasn’t sure what love even was anymore.

Tears were shed.  Hearts were slowly shared.  And somehow God made something out of nothing.  Friends listened and we learned to listen to one another and somehow, the blinders came off and I saw that I wasn’t just the one hurt – I had been doing a large share of the hurting.  Apologies were made. Systems started to change.  And slowly – we started to see each other again.

I don’t totally know why I write all of this.  I could have just shared about “just us” (couples) sessions and shared a few beautiful images and it could have worked.  But I guess I wanted you to know where I’m coming from.
You see – I love “just us” sessions.  To the moon and back.  Because out of this place, came a stronger desire than ever to create images and MOMENTS that help people see the beauty they have in their lives every day, especially in their marriage.  So for years I’ve worked to make a session for couples who have been married for any length of time – from 60 years to 6 months.  It’s interactive.  We laugh together.  And oftentimes, we cry together.  And in every session I’ve done so far – there have been moments that changed me and my couples.  Words were spoken that had been felt forever but never uttered, laughter was shared in places that needed to heal and connection was deepened as they took time for themselves.  Because instead of posing, we’re doing activities together and answering questions.  We creating MEMORIES.  Beautiful ones.  And somehow through this process – eyes are opened to truly SEE each other again.
But here’s the deal – most of the time, couples get engagement pictures and wedding pictures and then have NO MORE pictures of just the two of them.  Very few people think of doing a session for just the two of you.  I mean, my goodness – you’ve got kids.  Or you should just wait until you have kids.Well…I beg to differ.  And to help eliminate any and all excuses – I’m offering an exclusive set of “just us” sessions in Wheaton, IL on Sunday afternoon, October 26.  And I’m doing so at a crazy amazing, it-may-never-be-able-t0-be-repeated special price.  For our time together and for the digital images, our session fee is $125.  Quite honestly – you could spend more on a fancy dinner.  And I can guarantee you that this will be far more foundational to your relationship than dinner will be.  So hire a sitter (if you have kids), plan to get your hair and make up done, grab your favorite outfit and come with open hearts.  If you’d like to talk more about a “just us” session, just email me at amy@amy-pauslon.com .  Please also leave your number as I want us to have time to chat and talk through what a session looks like and answer any questions you might have!




  1. Joy C. says:

    Our 10 year anniversary is this summer…you better believe I hope you do this kind of special then (end of May, or beginning of June?) – wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. 😉 You have a gift and I love the story you shared. Can’t wait!

  2. Naomi Wilcox says:

    If I didn’t have sessions booked already & two family birthdays that weekend, Eric & I would be there in a heartbeat.

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