kelly and joe: an engagement story

Four years.

Seeing each other in the hallways.  Living just a few minutes away.

They knew of each other.  They eventually became friends, even.  But…that was it.

As it turned out, they found themselves at the same university.  And their friendship grew stronger.  Feelings started in each of them, but at all the wrong times.


A season of being apart opened both their eyes…to each other.  To really SEEING each other.


In a few months, these two will start their journey as husband and wife.  I’ll likely be brushing away tears as I get to capture those moments and cheer them on.  Quite honestly, I couldn’t be more excited and I may have a countdown going for July…  Kelly and Joe, thank you.  Thank you for entrusting me with the honor of getting to know you – to really see you – and to capture that and preserve it for you two.  May your hearts be so full as you see how beautiful your love is and may you smile and laugh as much as I have as I look through all of these moments and remember smiling with you two so much that my face hurt.


Small side note: Kelly is a middle school teacher.  Thus – this first photo had to happen.

This is “their” pose – which their siblings have tried to steal.  I think they completely owned it here, but I do plan on hosting a throw down at their wedding.  Get ready…

  1. Aly says:

    Such a cute story, and an adorable engagement session. Thanks for sharing!

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