that kind of love

So many posts.  So little time.  Mentions of disgust and sadness and so many other emotions as people watched Miley Cyrus perform.

The thought that wouldn’t leave my mind for even a moment?

God is FOR her.

He always has been.  He will not love her more if she changes her ways.  He is not repulsed by her – He sees HER.  He loves this beautiful girl.  And He is for her.  Even now.

That, my friends, is beautiful, good news.  The kind of news that leaves you awestruck.

It also leaves me humbled.  Because sure…our lives and stories may look different – and yet – they are the same.  Lost, broken people – hurting others, hurting ourselves and yet being loved EVERY LAST moment.


*I realize this is a little odd for me to post here – where I normally share our crazy adventures and love stories.  Or maybe it’s not odd because this is a love story.  Either way, I just felt like I needed to.  And so I did.  Because maybe we all need to be reminded that God loves us now.  Not when we put our lives together.  Not if/when we clean up our act.  But NOW.

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