gia & demetri: an engagement story

He met her and was immediately smitten.

She was beautiful.  Witty.  Kind.

So…he asked her out for a date.

And she said no.

But their friendship continued and one evening, Demetri asked for her assistance with ideas on how to capture the attention of another girl.

And she was jealous.

Which she realized meant that she now wanted to say yes.

A few years and many dates later, he asked another question.  This one would seal their lives together forever.  Her answer?  YES.

And in just a few short months, I’ll have the privilege of documenting the start of their lives together as husband and wife – and I couldn’t be much more excited.

Gia and Demetri, thank you SO much for inviting me into your home.  Your story.  Your love.  Your life.  You two are so very gracious.  Thank you for teaching me about all the traditions I’ll get to experience and all the details that come together as you two become husband and wife.  And above all, thank you for entrusting me with the honor of capturing these moments in your life and love.  I’m so honored…

PS: I love this picture so much…  The people, the space, the “coffee”…every last bit.

I’m kind of in love with their little dog as well.

While they made a wardrobe change, I had the chance to capture a few details that stood out to me…

GIA.  YOU.ARE.STUNNING.  Holy buckets…



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