kelly & remer

All of the stories I get the privilege of documenting are personal for me.  It’s the only way I can shoot.  And…well…the people become a part of my life.

But this one?  Extra personal.

While we lived in the Wheaton area, we had the privilege of getting to know some college students.  They became family: our frequent dinner guests, our coffee dates, our kids’ heroes, our cheerleaders in life and there’s the time they were willing to dress up as superheroes to make our daughter’s 4th birthday the best birthday party EVER.

One of those students?  Remer.

Oh my goodness, I adore him.  Our whole family does.

Remer embodies all the best southern qualities.  He is kind, gracious, an amazing listener, an epic story-teller, awesome question-asker and generous beyond measure.  So it’s no secret that we love him and having him as a little brother for us and an adopted uncle for our kids was simply the best.

Then one day, I met Kelly.  They were in the HNGR program together with several more of our “adopted” college students.

Her heart and her honesty (and her beauty) blew me away.  We sat talking about our lives and our stories over coffee and I couldn’t stop thanking God for the opportunity to hear her story and get to know her.

Every now and then, I’d see Remer and Kelly at places like our favorite yogurt shop with their group of friends and I’d think (and oftentimes mention to Ted) – gosh they would make such a great couple.  But I kept my mouth shut.  And waited.

Some time after they graduated – a relationship started – across an ocean.  Skype dates, phone calls, emails and visits when possible led them to this moment…

The one where in just a few weeks, these two will join their lives together to continue their adventure and servant lives together.

It’s an honor to know them.  And I’m honored they let me steal them away for an afternoon in Remer’s hometown of Augusta, GA.


Remer and Kelly – I love you both so much.  I love that God brought the two of you together.  That your home will be filled with laughter and joy and open arms.  I’m sooooo grateful for both of you…


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