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For all of you who know my dad…
My dad just recently learned that he has a blood disorder. The good news? He’s doing well and this was caught early.
The EXTRA beautiful news? My dad for years has been passionate about donating blood. Up until recently, he gave faithfully every time he could. Giving blood? That was EXACTLY what his body needed and has most likely kept him from liver damage.
I write all of this because the kind-hearted thorough doctor does want to do a liver biopsy to make sure that my dad’s liver is doing well and remains without damage. Which…can definitely weigh on your mind.
And this also happens to be where you come in…
Want to help me with a special project?
Let’s fill up my mom and dad’s minds with SO many fun memories and kind words that they don’t have time to even think about the biopsy.  So…if you have a funny or just great Harv and Peg story – please share it in the comments.
If you would just like them to know you care and you’re praying – feel free to share that in the comments.
If you’re a kind friend who doesn’t know my dad, but you just want them to know you’re praying and you care…share it!
With your help, we’ll have them overflowing with kind words we all wanted to share anyway and so many memories the time will fly by to the biopsy on Wednesday…
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help. I can’t wait for them to read your words!  (If we’re friends on FB, you are welcome to share your comments there!  No matter what – I’ll get them to him!)


  1. What an amazing man!! We are praying praying praying and sending positive thoughts and so much love your way!

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