the sapoznick family

A little over a year ago, our family of five moved across the country…to a house we’d never seen.  (like you do.)

As we left Chicago, I wondered if we could ever find friends as wonderful as we had there.

About two months later, I met Jessica.  And their entire incredible family.

Though I love this entire family so very much and I could go on for hours about each of them – their genuineness, the way they love, etc., I’m going to bypass that to say this: Jessica, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you.  Watching you and the way you love your kids has taught me more about the kind of mom I want to be than most any book I’ve ever read.  You’ve taught me patience and love and what it means to be genuine – and the beauty is – you may never have known it.  You were just living life.  Thank you for inspiring me to think more deeply, love with more of me and to embrace being an artist.  Honestly – those brief moments we got to talk in your kitchen amidst a flurry of kid-dom and bicycles and sword-bearing children will forever go down in my heart as a day that changed my life.

Thank you.

Now…let’s all go enjoy how beautiful they are…



Let’s all just take a moment to take in how BEAUTIFUL Jessica is.  And Scott, you’re looking great, too…

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