chicago – here we come!

Sometimes in life you go on crazy adventures.

And April sounds like a great time for one of those.

Our little family is road-tripping back to Chicago for just such an adventure and I’d be all kinds of honored to have the opportunity to document your amazing self (and possibly your loved ones) while I’m there.

The only thing?  I only have one session available.

The dates?  Either April 9th or 10th.

The fun part?  This session is going to be a shoot and PASS session.  We’ll have a little phone or Skype date to prepare for our time together where you get to tell me all about you, we’ll think through how to best tell your story and you can ask any questions you might have.  We’ll meet up, I’ll hug you because I’m so excited to see you and we’ll capture moments and beauty that take my breath away.  Then, about 3-4 weeks later, you’ll have your very own gorgeous on-line gallery that you can share with friends and from which you can download the hi-res version of your images.  (And yes, if you’d like to order professional prints as well – you will absolutely be able to do so)

This very special session?  $900.  Which is a $450 incredible, special and all kinds of awesome discount.

So email me at and I cannot wait to get to know you and have the privilege of telling your story.

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