my epic pinterest fail

Once upon a time, I entertained visions of Pinterest grandeur.

This is my story of my epic Pinterest FAIL.

You see, my sweet little man has been craving snow.  Begging for it.  Praying for it.  So I figured I would step in and be the hero.  Like you do when you’re trying to be supermom.

I found a tutorial on “how to make snow” and I was so excited.  I was certain this would go down as a hallmark moment for my little guy and he would one day tell his friends just how much his mommy loved him because when he was 4 and missing snow in Chicago – she MADE snow.

I got the ingredients and set to work.  Unfortunately, things started to go awry from the very beginning.

The thing they don’t tell you when they show you their beautiful snow made of shaving cream and corn starch?  That shaving cream has a very distinct odor.  That is about to get all up in your grill.

I am an EXTREMELY smell sensitive person.  Perfume gives me a headache.  Both Ted and I seem to be allergic.  Other than deodorant, neither one of us can stand strong scents.  (And oh if you had only been with me the day I took my best friend deodorant shopping and literally had to sniff each one to make sure that I wouldn’t get a headache.  Yep.  I’m also shocked she’s still friends with me.)

So right from the very beginning, happy mommy who is about to change lives was turning into “I’ve got a headache” mommy who doesn’t like much of anything.


And then this happened.  As I tried to channel my inner awesome mom, I let my son spray part of the shaving cream.  And clear across our 6 person table – this happened to my water.  Let’s just say this got messy.

But it was SNOW for crying out loud.  He would love it.  It would all be fine and worth it.  Except for the fact that he looked at it, looked at me and said, “Mom…this isn’t snow.”  Awesome.

And as I started seeing white stuff flying all around our dining room, I became THAT mom.  The one who follows her child around with a vacuum cleaner.

And then…5 minutes was over and he asked if he could go back to playing toys.


But…I was determined.  I had seen her precious little snowman.  I was going to make a snowman.

This poor dilapidated snowman?  He took me approximately 8 tries and a total of nearly 10+ minutes.  And moments after this photo?  His head rolled off of his body.

The moral of this story?  I’m not a pinterest mom.  And I may never be.  My house is messy, my kids sometimes stay in their pajamas past noon and I wear workout clothes to bed so that it looks like I’m not wearing pajamas when I wake up and don’t have a moment to change.  But I tried something.  And FAILED miserably.  And laughed so hard.  And I don’t want to ever stop trying.


PS: When my daughter got home, she saw the snow and asked me who made it.  I told her, “Me!”  She looked at me and said, “Really, mom?  Wow.  Seriously?”  She proceeded to play with that snow for the next two days and was shocked I had actually made something…

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